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Spring time is when the clothes get lighter; let’s make the slim body appropriate for the spring time

2019-03-28 14:41:49
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(by Lee Hye jeong) The excruciating winter wind has finally disappeared but the spring time has arrived when people can put on the lighter clothes. In March, the warm weather starts in Korea and people walk on the street in the lighter clothes.

As it gets warmer and the clothes get lighter, there are people who have more things to worry about than they do in winter time. They are just the people who have not succeeded in their diet. Though they can cover their physical defects with the thick outer during the winter time, it is harder for them to cover their physical defects as the clothes get thinner. Are there any ways of making the body look slim in the spring time?

What is required for the spring diet is to understand what is most needed to change my body. If you want to lose weight in a short period of time, the strict control of the diet therapy would be better than most of the exercises.

If you worry about the excessive gain in the weight, or overweight, it would be better for you to conduct both the exercise and the diet therapy for faster and stronger effect. If the weight gain has been made suddenly, the excessive exercise may give damages to the knee or joints. Therefore, the proper exercise would be critical.

What is the most important thing in diet therapy is to empty the belly. It is essential to change your taste which has been addicted to the stimulating food such as sweet, salty or oily food. The start shall be made with the slow reduction of the volume of food taken and the size of stomach without side effect.

Among our food, the food which contains a lot of salt or sugar is bad because it creates the fat. If you want to make the light body, limit the ingestion of that food to the minimum but instead take the food containing the vitamin and minerals such as vegetables or fruits. In addition, it is good to take the food which is rich in protein for reducing the muscle loss like tofu or egg.

But the diet is not easy to succeed with the intention and efforts only. If you are in trouble because you do not get any good result though you have tried the dietary therapy and exercises, the liposuction would be a good option. Dr. Kwon Sun-hong, a senior doctor at JK Plastic Surgery located in Gangnam, a hub area in Korea (specialist in plastic surgery) says, “For the diet therapy, it needs a lot of efforts including the dietary control and exercise. What is especially critical is to lose weight without getting stress. If you get a lot of stress during the dietary therapy, the liposuction is a good option.”

3D liposuction performed at JK Plastic Surgery is famous for 360-degree design liposuction as it closely considers the bodyline which is good for the body type in addition to the simple suction. Rather than judging the result with the volume of suctioned fat only, it put emphasis on the volume of fat and body line as it focuses on the balanced and beautiful body line.

Dr. Kwon Sun-hong adds, “You should make a deep thought on what part of the body you worry about and what method of surgery you will select in order to get more satisfaction. As there are many treatments for the obese patients having a lot of fat in the thigh, arm or belly, you had better decide the surgery method after in-depth consultation with a doctor.”

JK Plastic Surgery is No. 1 hospital which attracts a lot of foreigner patients and got awarded from Prime Minister as the excellent institute for attracting the foreigner patients at 2017 Medical Korea. JK Plastic Surgery puts priority on the accurate analysis and diagnosis of the patient’s state with the preoperative “one-stop preoperative examination” through the advanced medical imaging equipment and surgery equipment. In addition, it has a doctor specializing in the anesthesiology and has the record of no accident for the past 20 years in the cooperation with the experienced doctors. In addition, in preparation for the possible medical emergency, it has CPR (emergency response) team, emergency kit as well as UPS (uninterruptible power supply), patient controlled analgesia device, and CRM monitoring system, thus putting priority on the patient’s safety. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)


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