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“Defining the disabilities as a condition of life? No.” “My special brother” cast by Shin Ha Gyun and Lee Gwang Su (total)

2019-03-29 09:05:09
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[by Lim Hyun Joo] In May, very special brothers will visit us.

The production announcement event for the film “My special brother (directed by Yuk Sang Hyo) was held at CGV, Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on Mar. 21, 2019. At the event, not only the director Yuk Sang Hyo but also actor Shin Ha Gyun and Lee Gwang Su and actress Esom participated.

The film ‘My special brother’ is a human comedy on two brother of an older brother (Seha) who is a little brighter but does not have the same blood (cast by Lee Ha Gyun) with his younger brother Donggu (cast by Lee Gwang Su) who had good physical body, and who lived together for 20 years. Actually, this film’s story is borrowed from the real story of the physically disabled person called Choi Seung Gyu and a mentally retard person Park Jong Ryeol who lived together as one body for more than 10 years in a welfare center located in Gwangju, Republic of Korea.

On the event, director Yuk Sang Hyo showed the goal of the film production by saying “Recently I have heard people saying that it is hard to live these days. I wanted to encourage these people who get tough times these days to recover their vitality by looking at the people who had the disabilities but tried to live a good life.”

He further emphasized, “I had a chance of talking a lot with the disabled people and the social workers working for them. I made effort not to define the disabilities as a special condition of life. I thought that if I keep that perspective, the humor would be maintained. I realized that when the disabilities were looked at not from the perspective of tragedy, they often appeared as humor.”

In the film, actor Shin Ha Gyun plays a role of character Seha who has good brain and talking ability but has the physical problem of not being able to move his body parts located below the neck. He comically said, “when the shooting was performed, the director told me to take big breath. Though I am supposed to control my body, I cannot control my organs inside my body in the film. When I had to express the strong emotion, my lung involuntarily expanded and my breast moved. So, I had to make effort not to take big breath.”

Lee Gwang Su said “I was supposed to be my brother Seha’s feet and hands in the film. There was a scene in which I had to carry my brother on my back to climb the stairs. But he is not lighter than I expected. While shooting the film, he continued to express his appreciation to me. So, I could happily continue the shooting.”, thus triggering the laughter from people at the event.

Lee Gwang Su further stated “I got the swimming lesson along with Esom at a swimming pool for about 4 months. I was not so poor at swimming. Though Esom has some fears of water, she made a lot of efforts and progressed a lot in swimming. Finally, she overcame the fear of water and showed her high level acting at the scenes.”

Director Yuk Sang Ho showed his hope by saying to the potential audiences “I hope that a lot of people watch the film and have good life without feeling any frustration in their life.”

Actor Shin Ha Gyun also said, “As I played as a disabled person, I realized during the acting that the disabled people have hard time to make a living in this world and got the sympathy for them.” In addition, Actress Lee Gwang Su also stated, “my character in the film as Donggu is a person who has disabilities. So, I hope that any disabled people and their family members do not feel any discomfort from my acting but show the good supports.”

The film ‘My special brother’ is supposed to premiere in May. (photo by NEW)


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