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Mon Sep 23

Some advices for your skin if you want to take care of skin after outing in spring.

2019-04-01 16:49:23
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(by Kim Hyo-jin) If you enjoyed the spring outing, your skin may have been in trouble. The outing may also invoke the skin trouble which has been exposed before, thus making a big skin problem.

The skin may be in trouble while getting tired with crowd and fighting the fine dust. So, we should take special care of the skin which lost the vitality. It is the most important to understand the cause and solve it. Let’s find out some knowhow to put to the rest the skin troubles which happens after outing.


The most important thing you should do to take care of the skin trouble is to wash the face. The cleansing is one of the most important skin care methods even for the celebrities. As for Suzy, she has performed her own unique ways of washing the face in the way of 4 minutes, 2 minutes and 4 minutes. It means that she removes the waste through the oil massage for 4 minutes, cleansing the face with foam for 2 minutes and finally wiping out the warm water for 4 minutes. As such, not only the application of cosmetics on the face is important but also the wiping out of the cosmetics is also important. The rough rubbing of face and the use of a lot of cleansing product are not the solution. You should not forget that the soft product shall be used in a careful way.

Change in the skin care

On the day when there are a lot of skin troubles, you had better make a change in the skin care. On that day, you should minimize the skin care so that you do not give any burden to the already-bad skin conditions. It is good for you to spray the mist after washing the face, and apply only the essence or cream before taking full rest. In this case, the cream shall be applied think several times. Now, Park Bo-young who is a model for Goobne Chicken and who is also called as “Ppovely”, announced in the past that the supply of moisture to the body before you start to feel thirsty is the most important for the healthy skin. In the transitional season when the skin is easy to get dry, the frequent drinking of the water is important. In addition, it is wise for you to select the cream which can provide you with nutrients and which is well absorbed into the skin.

Inner beauty

For the correction of trouble, the cosmetics would be fine. But you had better cure the root cause of the skin trouble first. That include the improvement of salty diets and other dietary habit, the restriction of the flour food and instant food, ingestion of the fruits, vegetables and nut products as well as making the simple stretching to help the smooth blood circulation. The safest skin care in the world would be to eat healthy food to make the body strong and supplement the body with the products containing the collagen, iron and other required nutrients. To have the wet and refreshing skin conditions, you have to take care of not only the skin surface but also the inner beauty through the dietary habits and effective stretching. (photo by: Goobne Chicken, bnt news database)


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