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Sun Aug 18

[bnt photo] IU ‘What kind of Lee Ji Eun is the present Lee Ji Eun?’

2019-04-05 10:05:48
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[by Kim Chi Yun] The production announcement event for Netflix’s Original Series ‘Persona’ was held at Conrad Seoul, Youido-dong, Yeoungdeungpo-gu, Seoul in the morning on 27th.
Actress Lee Ji Eun gets the photo time.

Persona is a short film produced by four different directors and shows the IU from four different perspectives.

It was directed by four directors such as Lee Kyong Mi, Yim Pil Sung, Jeon Go Woon and Kim Jong Kwan. IU is expected to play at four stories containing four different characteristics of four directors in various ways. She will act as a girl envying her father’s girlfriend, a woman having the unknown secret, a high school girl trying to take a revenge for friend and a lover who tells the unhappy story at the romantic night street. It will be released on Apr. 5.


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