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Sun Aug 18

APink’s great ticketing power at the fan meeting at 8th anniversary. The tickets are sold out in 3 minutes after the start of sale

2019-04-05 10:14:21
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[by Ent team] APink’s fan meeting tickets have been sold out.

On Mar. 28, Plan A Entertainment said “Through the Melon Ticket, the ticket sales for Apink’s fan meeting was conducted in commemoration of 8th anniversary of the girl group with the theme “Apink is 8 years old.” on 27th at 8:00 pm.”

It further added, “Within 3 minutes, all tickets were sold out and Apink’s strong ticketing power was proved once again.”

Apink has the record of selling out all tickets within 2 minutes of the start of ticket sales at their 7th anniversary fan meeting ‘PINK CINEMA’.
The officer of that company said “there have been a lot of requests for reservations even prior to starting to sell the tickets and there was severe competition among fans to get the ticket.” In addition, he added, “As there is an additional chance of fans’ buying the general tickets on 29th, any fan can make an additional try in getting the tickets.”
On the other hand, Girl group Apink will hold a fan meeting in commemoration of 8th anniversary of the group at Ocean Hall, Sejong University, Seoul at 5:00 pm on Apr. 20. In this fan meeting, the members of Apink will go back to the old days when they were 8 years old and have a sports event. (photo by Plan A Entertainment)


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