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Tue Jul 07

The cost-effective home care is getting popular. Does that have any side effects?

2019-04-05 17:17:15
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Not only the skin care but also the scalp care is very popular. As the home care which can be made without time limitation at a reasonable price is good for healthy hair and scalp, it is one which is performed by both celebrities and general people. There are various home care methods which can prevent the self-scalp scaling and hair loss. But, if the home care is performed without correct knowledge, the hair may get damaged and the bad result may happen.

It is because if a user fails to get the consultation with specialist doctors or uses the medicine which is not verified, the hair loss may happen. Especially, the wrong home care rather damages the scalp and causes the keratin, which may lead to the hair loss. Accordingly, it is required for the user to find out his/her conditions of scalp and solution through the examination proper to his/her own scalp type. Let’s find out the scalp management method through home care.

>> How to make home care for scalp

The small habit in daily life can make a difference in making the healthy scalp. If you were not sure about the scalp care, you had better start it with the slow pressing of scalp. If the stimulus is made on the scalp, the waste would be discharged from the scalp and the nutrient can be smoothly supplied. If you strongly press your scalp with the tip of the finger instead of the nail tip, you can even prevent the scalp trouble. In addition, if you are concerned with the hair loss on top of head, M-shaped hair loss, circular hair loss on the head, or hair loss on the front of head, it would be better for you to activate the brain and blood circulation through the scalp massage and thereby prevent the hair loss.

The shampooing is often made in the morning. But it would be more beneficial to the scalp if that is performed at the night. As the hair and scalp are exposed to the find dust and contaminants, it is likely that they get more foreign matters. So, when you come back from outing, it is very effective for you to shampoo your hair. It is also good to make frequent combing in order to get rid of the foreign matters from scalp.

The research of the ingredient of the product used for care of hair and scalp is also closely related to the health of scalp. You should understand the ingredient of the product which directly contacts the scalp such as essence, oil or serum. If you are concerned with the hair loss, you had better make a consultation with an expert on the clinic and find the product proper for the type of your scalp for the proper selection.

>> Side effect of home care

Will the careless scalp management result in the hair loss? Like the aging of the skin, the scalp also undergoes the gradual aging. Therefore, for the anti-aging of the scalp, you need to understand the side effect of home care and then find out the care proper for you. The most frequent side effect of home care is caused by your taking of hair loss treatment medicine which you choose without the sufficient consultation with the experts.

Another is the seborrheic scalp infection which is easy to recur and hard to cure even with the treatment. If you want to do the scalp scaling due to the worry about the scalp keratin, the selection of product is critical. Be sure to avoid the product containing the big particles as the particle may scratch and damage the scalp. It would be better to select the soft cream-type or gel-type product as they both minimize the damages to the scalp.

> Expert’s opinion

If you think that the home care is burdensome and do not want to suffer the possible side effect of it, you had better go get the service at special scalp clinic. It is because the clinic gives you the correct type of skin and relieve the fear of possible hair loss. So, if you suffer a lot of stresses, the scalp clinic is recommended.

Haesol Scalp Clinic is famous for the scalp scaling, treatment of hair loss and anti-aging care of scalp among the scalp care centers in Busan. Ms Hwang Young-ok, president of Haesol Scalp Clinic, Deokcheon Branch worries about the fact that there are many cases of wrong scalp home care before vising the clinic. She explained that she had tried to prevent various kinds of hair losses through the scalp care proper for the customers. If you suffer from scalp scratch or side effect of wrong home care, pay a visit to Deokcheon branch for consultation.


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