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Sat Sep 18

Are you still not sure about the couple look with your boy friend?

2019-04-12 09:21:03
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(by Oh Eun Sun) If you are planning to have a date with your body friend in this spring, please pay attention. If you wear a couple look with your boyfriend, and walk below the cherry blossom trees, your happiness would double.

However, if you are not interested in the fashion in ordinary times, you may not be sure what cloths would be good on you and your boyfriend. On the other hand, your boyfriend may have his own liking with respect to fashion and the selection of your favorite fashion may not be hard for him. It would be also good for you to choose your boyfriend’s fashion to your own fashion style.

How about trying the styling of male stars who appeared at public event? Let’s take a look at their fashion ranging from refined suit style to the vital clothes, casual jumper.

Actor Kim Seon-ho got a lot of spotlight as he was chosen as a male protagonist in JTBC’s television series “Welcome to Waikiki 2”. In the drama “Welcome to Waikiki 2”, he dreams of becoming a musician but has the attractiveness of awkwardness while being cast as Cha Woo-sik though sometimes he looks sloppy. He shows his unique attractiveness and attracts the viewers’ attention by showing the 2:8 parting hair and sprinkling jacket or signing a trot song with sound voice. 

At the latest drama production announcement event, Kim Seon-ho showed off his good suit styling. Especially as he put on the unique suit which is not achromatic colors but which has the fanciful feel, he emphasized his personality. Subsequently, he made the humorous facial expression and attracted a lot of love from female fans.

Editor’s pick.  Let’s treat the unique suit with the individualistic jacket one-piece. That would not only give us the refined feel but also the feminine things. The sexy feel may be added by the matching shoes. Especially, the jacket of design emphasizing the waist may give more refining feel.

Lee Yi-kyung got a lot of spotlight with his appearance as a perfect character in the JTBC drama “Welcome to Waikiki 2. He shows diverse looks ranging from feeble and cute look to the kind look so well that he even is praised that that is just who he really is.

Lee Yi-kyung also showed the chic fashion at the drama production announcement event. He chose the navy colored clothes having the stitch design for both his tops and bottoms. By selecting the cool color, he added the masculine look to the uniform look. It makes the synergistic effect as it is well harmonized with his liberal image.

Editor’s pick You may try the similar look which is not the perfect couple look which has the same look as your boyfriend. How about choosing the denim pants of the similar color? Let’s show off the feminine mood by matching the denim pants with the feminine blouse.

If your boyfriend is hot and vital, let’s take a look at Gray’s fashion for reference. As Gray (singer) often wears the comfortable but refined clothes, he takes a position as a fashionista.

Recently, as a daily look, he selected a denim jumper. He chose the comfortable black pants and give a point with the colorful knit. Then, he finished the fashion with white sneakers. Denim jumper would also be fine. But how about the athleisure (athletic + leisure) look for a date as it gives us the similar feel?

Editor’s pick: If you match the tops with a little cozy feel with the short pleats skirt, you can also get the cuteness. Especially, if you have the big kangaroo pocket in the front side, you can put your belonging in it that you need not get any mini bag.


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