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Sat Sep 18

Styling for spring? Make it Refreshing, bright and beautiful!

2019-04-12 09:56:15
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(by Oh Eun Sun) Though there have been some cold days, we can really feel the warm spring wind again. The spring can be felt first of all from the star’s fashions as the stars are showing off their new fashions of beautiful colors.

The color pink may be chosen as one of the warm and bright colors. As the spring flowers such as cherry blossom or apricot flower have the color pink, the color pink is a good color for the spring time. In addition, the fashion of refreshing mood such as flower printed one-piece is easily spotted.

Recently, some stars appeared at events and showed off their refreshing and beautiful fashions. Yoona’s pink tweed jacket, and Model Han Hye-jin’s pink toned styling were beautiful enough to attract a lot of attentions from people.

Kassy recently is emerging as a strong woman in the sound source. Her latest music has kept the top rank for several weeks as soon as it was released, thus getting a lot of spotlight.

Recently appearing at an event, she showed of her pants of hot pink and a see-through white blouse for the styling, thus boasting of her feminine mood. As the inner, she wore a T-shirt of simple design, thus appealing her decency to fans.

Editor’s pick: The see-through blouse with balloon sleeve makes the wearer get more feminine mood. Of course, it gets different mood depending on what kinds of bottoms are matched. If the light blue denim pants are matched, the wearer may get more vitality. On the other hand, if the skirt is matched, that would be good for dating style in the spring.

Model Han Hye-jin appeared at an event with bright facial expression so that a lot of fans welcomed her. Especially, her hair style dyed with the color orange reminded people of the mermaid so that it caused a lot of praises from fans.

Her fashion shows the bright style by using the color pink. She boldly tried the hot pink color fashion which is hard for ordinary people to fully take advantage of. By putting on the short pink jacket and flower printed skirts, she welcomed the coming spring. Then, by using the shoes of hot pink, she finished her fashion in perfect way.

Editor’s pick: If you feel uncomfortable with the big flower printed design like Han Hye-jin, why don’t you try the design of small flowers. As recently the one-piece or blouse having the design of small flowers is on the market, people have more range of selection. The see-through blouse having the design of small flowers can appeal with both its sexy mood and feminine mood at the same time.

Yoona showed off her beautiful look at events. As soon as she appeared at the event, fans started to admire her, saying how beautiful she was.

On the day, she put on the elegant pink tweed jacket. Matched with short skirt, she made it look as a jacket one-piece. Harmonized with Yoona’s neat look, that created the elegant mood. By using the belt bag as a point, she completed the neat fashion.

Editor’s pick: Any design of tweed can give you the feel of elegance. It would be OK if you wear the one-piece jacket like Yoona. But, if you do not like the feminine mood, how about matching it with T-shirts? If it is matched with the long tweed skirt, you can get another feel.


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