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What is the knowhow of making baby-face that should be prepared in 20s?

2019-04-22 18:14:06
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(by Lee Hye-jeong) The baby face means that a person looks younger for his/her age. The face looking a baby has taken a position as a requirement of being pretty for old people without our notice.

As the average life expectancy gets extended and the era of average people living up to 100 years old has arrived, more people get interested in how healthy, beautifully and long they can live. What is important to make the baby face is to start earlier than anybody. Only when a person starts to make his/her face younger from his/her 20s, he/she can make the perfect baby-face style.

 It is important to improve the life habit on a continual basis to keep the baby-face. To achieve the objective, we should pay attention to the method of controlling the antioxidation. The reactive oxygen species (ROS) is made while the oxygen entered to our body through breathing is transported to each part of the body. The ROS is attached to our DNA and accelerates the process of aging in our body and causes the diseases.

If you want to avoid the creation of ROS in our daily life, you should control your stress first. There are people who get gray hair or have increased wrinkles after they got a big stress. That is caused by the generation of excessive ROS. Because the minor stress in daily life also leads to the accelerated aging process, it is important to relieve the stress through the meditation, yoga, exercise, book reading or proper life habits.

The next thing to do is to keep the humidity maintained inside and outside of the body. If the humidity is insufficient, ROS is easily accumulated in the body. As the water takes up 70% of our body and gets involved in the metabolism of energy to activate the function of body, the role of water is very critical. For this, it is good to make a rule of drinking 7 or 8 cups of water a day.

At the same time, it is also good to eat the anti-oxidizing food which includes spinach, which has rich beta carotene, blue berry which bas rich antocian, turmeric which has rich curcumin and tomato which has rich rycopene.

The correction of bad life habit shall be made gradually from 20s. At the same time, the already started aging process may be treated with the simple surgery such as non-cutting lifting to keep the baby face in an easier way.

Mr. Kim Sung-sik, a senior doctor of JK Plastic Surgery of Korea (specializing in the plastic surgery) advises “If you has a little progress in aging or you need better face, it would be a good option for you to try a non-cutting lifting such as thread lifting, ultrasonic-laser lifting, or shot lifting

JK 3D thread lifting is the surgery of strongly lifting the face by using the thread having 3D bumps in the form of screw which is newly developed to supplement the shortcoming of conventional thread lifting. The ultrasonic-laser lifting can get the lifting effect through the skin regeneration. In addition, JK double gold lifting, HIFU lifting or air lifting can be performed depending on the patient. As the shot lifting methods, there are the baby-face shot which is effective in enhancing the skin elasticity or regeneration, water glossy shot which is effective for skin humidity, elasticity or brightening, botox which makes the good beautiful face line and filler which forms the vital and voluminous line.

Mr. Kim Sung-sik, a senior doctor of JK Plastic Surgery of Korea says, “The non-surgery anti-aging treatment such as filler or botox gets popular for those who want to be prettier or younger but have no time for the surgery. Though it is no surgery, it is critical to make an in-depth consultation with the experienced doctor to decide the proper treatment method and the precision.

JK Plastic Surgery is a medical institution which is certified in Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients designated by Ministry of Health & Welfare. It is famous for the one-stop pre-surgery examination by which the patient’s status is accurately analyzed and diagnosed. JK Plastic Surgery has a specialist in the anesthesiology and pain medicine at any time and has the operating room in compliance with US FED Standard 209D. In addition, in preparation for the emergency, it has the CPR (emergency rescue) team, emergency kits, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), self-pains control device, CRM monitoring system and others, thus putting priority on the patient’s safety (photo by: JK Plastic Surgery clinic, bnt news database)


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