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Sat Sep 18

My fashion styles? Conveniently and sensibly!

2019-04-22 18:37:57
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(by Oh Eun-sun) People in modern times express their personality through fashion styling. Some people sometimes boast of the feminine attractiveness by using the feminine look while others may make the special mood by directly making their own unique look.

Though a lot of people want the casual but stylish styling, it is hard to match because the styling may look too casual. However, if the basic items and point items are properly matched, the casual but sensible styling is possible.

Actress Su-hyun, and Cho Soo-hyang and Yukika, who entered into Korean music industry from Japan. Let’s find out their casual but stylish fashion coordination.

Actress Su-hyun attracted a lot of fans with her beautiful look in Korea and abroad and is active by appearing in a lot of works. She appeared at an event in her own fashion style which shows her own characteristics.

Soo-hyun not only shows the feminine dress fashion but also the mannish look by elegantly handling her own fashion without any fringe. As she often takes advantage of the basic items which are not excessive, she is a good example for us to take an example. How about following Soo-hyun’s look by using an item in our wardrobe?

Editor’s pick  If you want to show the stylish and mannish look like Soo-hyun, how about putting on the tight tops with normal bottoms? If you are a little concerned abut the big buttock, let’s choose a skirt. The long skirt is a good item to hide your big leg.

The film “Juror 8” is based on Korean juror system first adopted in 2008. It will describe the ordinary people who are chosen as jurors and try to find the truth of a case in their own way. The film gets a lot of expectations from fans.

Actress Cho Soo-hyang showed a clean and casual look at the production announcement event. She has selected the fit tops for the neat and sexy mood and the red checkered patterned item as the bottoms. As she chose the color black as both hair and tops, that may sometimes look a little monotonous. But she makes a point with the beautiful pants.

Editor’s pick If you want to show off your strong belly muscle, how about putting on the slim fit T-shirts like Cho Soo-hyang? It may look sexier than exposing it. If you match it with the convenient items which is not so fit is used, you may complete the convenient and stylish fashion. If the tops have achromatic colors, you may use a distinct color for the bottoms.

Yukika debuted in Korean music industry with the city pop genre “NEON”. She has attracted the eyes of people with her Korean skill fluent enough for her to write down ‘the perfect Korean’ as her special talent and with her pretty look.

She showed off her casual but stylish fashion on her way to the music broadcasting program. She coordinated the colorful flower-patterned blouse which looked like ‘fashion knitted with spring’ with the denim pants and white heels. With her refreshing look and blouse well matched, she showed more colorful mood.

Editor’s pick The naturally crispy sounding texture blouse would make you look more feminine. In addition, if the pattern is divided into many parts, it may look more fit. If the shirring is made around the wrist with rubber band, you can have more convenient and stylish look.


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