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Sat Sep 18

Fashion item which can be worn for both special day and ordinary day

2019-04-22 18:43:39
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(by Oh Eun-sun) We have a lot of parties such as friend’s birthday party, promotion party and bridal shower party in our life. Whenever we have that kind of schedule, we are a little worried about the makeup and fashion style.

However, if you have just one item which is good for the event, you do not need to worry about the party. How about choosing the dress of color and design which looks good on you? If you are not sure of your fashion, you can check out the fashion of celebrities who appeared at recent events.

It would be better to choose an item which can be worn even on ordinary day rather than the unique design fashion for special days only. It is because the point item can be added to get the various moods. Let me introduce the item which looks fantastic on a special day but also give you the casual feel on ordinary days.

Model Ahn A-rum showed off her innovative makeup and the beautiful styling with the black puff one-piece at a recent event. Especially, the torn-down stocking gives us the unique and sexy feel.

Especially, she caught our eyes with her unique makeup. She made a point with the eye using pink, and the cheek makeup, thus giving a point with all black fashion. If you decided to choose a little easy color and design, you can express yourself with the makeup color like Ahn A-rum.

Editor’s pick: I recommend you the black lace mini- dress as an item which is good both at parties and on ordinary days. If you want to look refined, you can wear the simple item. Then, it would be better to wear kill heels or sensible boots. On the other hand, if you want to use the item as a daily look, it would be good to match the item with the T-shirt in one color.

Umji, a member of girl group GFriend gets spotlight from people these days as she boasts of her good look getting improved day by day. Especially, she got a lot of attention when she appeared with beautiful look at a recent event. She is said to have had a lot of love from fans as she danced passionately with bright smile before.

Umji chose a one-piece of see-through design. The skin tone color upgrades her feminine attractiveness to higher level. In addition, the shirring skirt was added to her feminine look. For these fashions, it would be good to give a point with mini bag like Umji.

Editor’s pick If you are not comfortable with the see-through tops, you can match it with others. It is recommended that you wear an inner which is fit to your body and then match it with a see-through lace one-piece over. Although the handheld min-bag is good, it would add to the uniqueness if you give a point with a belt bag.

Will a mermaid give us this feel if she lives up to these days? Sunmi boasts off her slender body and mysterious look from early album to the present, showing off her beauty like a mermaid. At a recent event, she showed the elegance upgraded to the highest level.

She selected a neatly bound hair and the mysteriously dazzling dress like the silver colored shellfish. Then, the pearl earrings and the neat necklace were added to her fashion. Even the nude tone bag was sufficient to give her a uniformity. Sunmi’s dress is perfect for party fashion. But, if you feel a little uncomfortable with the exposure, you may choose one-piece having a little innocent design.

Editor’s pick   If you feel uncomfortable with the dress stuck to the bodyline, you may choose the clothes which are a little less fit. If you match it with lace inner, you can get the elegant feel like Sunmi. If you want to express the unique sensibility, you can match it with with the colorful T-shirts one more.


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