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Tue Oct 22

Fruitiness Explosion; Spring Makeup Tip

2019-04-26 09:24:22
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[by Oh Eun Sun] All the bright beautiful stars who resemble spring flowers gather in recent event venue. Not only they all wore floral printing, lace and other feminine design clothes but also they draw attention by putting pink color tone makeup similar to cherry blossom.

Joy from Red Velvet, who shows off her fruity look created Vibe like an elf with her white dress and dark hair at the event venue. Kim Sae Ron, who showed distinguishing looks from her child acting career, showed pink blouse and makeup that goes with it.

Actress Jeong Sia is known for her fresh young look despite the fact that she is a mother of two children. She came to the event with the most attractive makeup than anyone else. The commonality they share is that they all show the spring makeup using pink color.

The point of spring makeup is the pink color that give bright vibe. Let’s utilize pink color as point color to appeal the fresh charm. Meanwhile, add glossy skin and other components to complete the makeup.

First thing to do for spring makeup is creating a perfect skin foundation that covers the spot completely. Thinly apply foundation or cushion pack that is right for your skin type on entire face than cover dark spot with concealer.

Once you cover the dark spot with concealer, you can create an affect that overall face looks much brighter. Moreover, finish it with long lasting pact. If you replenish by spraying mist in between, you can create more moist makeup. 

Then, use pink color blusher to make cheek area near cheekbone. If you use palette that comes with different color, you can create color that is right for your skin tone and it allows you to express in much more diverse way. Moreover, it is practical since you can use is as eyeshadow.

Then, add natural brightness and contrast with highlighter and shading. If you use the highlighter and shading that goes with skin tone, you can create naturally sharpen the facial structure. 

The finish of the makeup is lip. Thick and volume lip is perfect to appeal your charm. Let’s create a lip that looks like you’ve took bite of a fruit. If you want to sharpen the lip shape, draw lip line by utilizing the brush. Then you can fill inside.

If you want lip makeup that has natural gradation, you apply from the inside of lip then spread it with fingers. Then in order to create fruity and moist lips, apply lip gloss on top of tint. Lip gloss with pearl will make your lips much more thick. But avoid product with too much stickiness. You will have a hard time getting hairs out of it.

01 Too Cool for School Art class Studio De Teient Fixing Cover is a cushion pack that will give 0 spot skin for maximum 40 hours just like when you first put on the makeup by sticking to the skin with one touch.

02 3CE PRO MULTI BLUSH COLOR PALETTE #SOFTENER is a palette that allows you to utilize colors as blusher, eyeshadow and shading; resembling dried flower vibe it creates tone on tone face makeup with its soft and deep colors.

03 NEW Dior Addict Stella Shine is a slippery lip balm type formula that contains aloe vera and delicate care oils to provide moisture. (Photo by 3CE, Too cool for school, Dior, Bnt News DB)


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