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Sat Sep 18

Looking into ‘Mi Yeon- Soo Jin - Hae Yoon’ spring daily look

2019-04-26 10:16:43
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The temperature is rising every day since the spring rain. Even when we looking to stars daily look, we can tell that it is spring. Because we can easily find hot pants and open shoulder blouse.

Outer also got thinner. There are a lot of people who wears denim jacket, trench jacket or even nothing. However, since the daily temperature difference is great, let’s show our fashion sense of getting one thin outer.

Let’s look in to Mi Yeon and Soo Jin, members of up and coming group among flood of idol group :(G)I-DLE. And Actress Kim Hye Yoon who is on fire after the end of drama.   

(G)i-dle, 2018 Best new girl group with six new artists awards, is known not only for their outstanding performance, singing and dance but also with their fashion style and looks.

(G)i-dle’s Soojin, who showed herself at a fashion brand launching event, draw people attention by showing off white look that goes with the spring. Soojin, who matched her clothes to shoes in all white, showed her charm by giving pointer to white mini skirt that could be dull by showing one shoulder.

Editor’s pick. This spring, if you want to complete fresh and casual white look, let’s not forget to show our shoulders. White color fundamentally has simple and clean look; however, just by showing one shoulder, even in casual clothes, you can complete a cool look.

Mi Yeon, who showed up at the event venue with Soo Jin, showed lovely girl group charm by completing a look that reminds summer. She matched mint color blouse with white shorts.

Mi Yeon, who emphasized the unity by matching the mint color blouse that reminds spring to similar color bag, created similar look with Soo Jin by showing her shoulder by pulling her blouse down a little. On top of this, she draw people’s attention with white shorts that she matched emphasized her leg line.

Editor’s Pick. If you get cold easy, it is okay to postpone the hot pants and open shoulder look. Why don’t you choose the blouse and pants that are similar? We can choose a blouse that has blend of white and different color. If there is a pointer like ribbon, you can create more girly look. 

Kim Hye Yoon, who is known for her character’s name Yea Seo than her actually name. Unlike her cold image from JTBC ‘Sky Castle’, she always shows up with bright smile to brighten the atmosphere. Especially, she catches people’s heart with her unique attractive face.

On recent event venue, she showed off a fresh look that goes with Kim Hye Yoon’s age. She matched floral patterned long dress with cropped length denim jacket. On top of that, she gave pointer with a red color shoes. If you want more casual vibe, it is good to match sneakers or flat shoes.

Editor’s pick. If you want to create more unique fashion, utilize the inner time. You can create your own unique charm by matching the see-through inner and floral pattern long dress. On top of that, if you throw spring vibe hat or shoes, it will make it even better.


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