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Tue Oct 22

What should we do to get the good images like Kim Su-hyun, Sana of Twice and Bae Doona? The center of the face is the point.

2019-04-30 07:43:05
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(by Lee Hye-jung) Let’s think about the popular stars who contribute to the storm of Hallyu around the world such as Kim Su-hyun, Sana of Twice and Bae Doona. You may get reminded of the images of their pretty noses first.

The nose is the center of a face. Even if you make up your nose beautifully, you can make your image in a positive way. Are there any special ways of making the distinct and beautiful noses?

The proper makeup leads to the unexpected big changes in the image of people. If you are uncomfortable with the shape of your nose in any way, why don’t you change it by using shading and highlighter. If you are uncomfortable with low nose, you may apply the shading along the ridge of the nose starting from the eyebrow.

If you are uncomfortable with your broad nose, make the shading in a way that it wraps around the hair in front of eyebrow and both sides of the nose, thus making the nose look narrow. If you have long nose, you may try to give the shade at the eyebrow and under the end of nose in order to make the nose look short.

If you have plump face compared to other parts of the body, why don’t try a diet. If the face has a lot of fat, your eyes, nose and ears may not look distinct. Especially, if you go on a diet, your nose may look distinct.

If you do the exercise for weight loss and get the massaging service to relieve the face muscle, that would be very effective in weight loss in the face. Massage the strained cheek, chin, and bottom of ears with the lightly gripped fist. Then, the strained muscles will be relieved, the blood circulation will get better, and the toxicity in the face would be removed, thus making you get back your thin and beautiful face line.

But the diet or the makeup is not enough to change the inborn shape of the nose such as hooked nose, bulbous nose or low and short nose. So, if you get a lot of stress with the shape of your nose, the surgery is a good option.

Mr. Yoo Young-mun, a senior doctor (expert in the plastic surgery) at JK Plastic Surgery, which is located at Apgujeong, a hub area of Seoul says, “As the nose is located at the center of the face, it affects the total image of a person a lot. If you get a lot of stress due to the shape of nose such as hooked nose, which cannot be corrected with diet or makeup, you need to find a way through in-depth consultation with professional doctors.”

Among the surgeries for many shapes of noses, the surgery for hooked nose is required for correcting the shape of nose whose middle ridge is protruded. In the surgery, the protruded cartilage is removed and if required, the end of the nose is raised to get the smooth and natural shape.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic is famous for attracting a lot of foreigner patients to the clinic and got awarded by Gangnam-gu local government with the excellent medical clinic award for its accomplishment in attracting a lot of foreigner patients. It adopts the “One stop pre-operative examination” to give the accurate analysis and diagnosis for the patient’s health. It has the expert in the anesthesiology and pain medicine and has the operating room in compliance with US FED, Standard 209D. In addition, in preparation for any emergency, it has the CRP (emergency response) team and emergency kits, thus putting the priority on the patient’s safety. (photo by: JK Plastic Surgery clinic, bnt news DB)


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