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Fri Jun 05

ForMama’s, a smart choice for our baby's delicate skin

2019-04-30 08:06:41
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[By Jeong Hae Jin] The upcoming spring weather is welcomed but it could easily be a red flag for our skin from springtime fine dust and our weakened immune system. Especially, if you are a parent with a baby with a weak immune system, it is not weird to worry about your baby first.

It is a perfect season to go for a spring getaway with its warmer weather; however, its large daily temperature difference and Asian dust can cause skin allergy to new-born baby. Therefore, you have to protect your precious child's skin by applying baby product such as soothing cream and lotion after washing his or her face right after coming back from outdoor activity.

Component of the product is the most concerning parts for us when we choose cosmetics for fragile baby. Especially, when we are looking into skin care product, we have to thoroughly consider components since skin care product with aggressive component can be crucial on sensitive baby skin. But we tend to look over the fact that mother's makeup products are as important as the babies’. Even if you choose mild cosmetics, if the mother, who has direct contact with the baby the most, has makeup that contains toxic components, it will affect the baby's skin negatively. This naturally inspires beauty industries to introduce many products for both mother and child can share.

Low stimulating baby & infant cosmetics brand ‘ForMama’s’ is known for healthy products made only with nature originated components and mother's love. Also, it has been certified as EWG GREEN LEVEL which guarantees stability of the product. Both youngsters, pregnant woman, adults with sensitive skin can use the product safely.

On the other hand, currently there is an event going on the ForMama’s storefarm. The even products are following: Aqua balance honey emulsion, Aqua balance DR cream, Aqua balance shampoo & bath, Aqua balance DR soothing gel, and 4 baby set.

‘Aqua balance honey emulsion’ let soothing care. It is known for an atopic dermatitis makeup among mothers. It is constituted of weak acidic components Ph. level 5~6. With its vegetable ingredients, you can do low stimulating care. It is a baby lotion with a soft application.
‘Aqua balance DR cream’ is a cream for exhausted and sensitive skin that softly absorbs nutrients and moisture. ‘Aqua balance shampoo & bath’ is a baby shampoo& bath that cleans skin waste with its soft bubbles. It is excellent in skin nutrition and moisturizing with its olive oil and goral milk extract. 

 ‘Aqua balance DR soothing gel’ is a gel type soothing gel that allow you to both do sooth the skin while doing moisturizing care. It is known for its clean and light absorbing application. ‘Baby 4 kind SET’ is a set product that has all above 4 products.

Following brand's first shipped product has been exhausted very quickly and by starting 1+1 event with their restocking news, they allow their customers to use product with the reasonable price. More information can be found on the following brand's website.


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