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Wed Jan 29

Beenzino, releasing his first song after his discharge from military...Feat. Esense

2019-05-02 11:02:08
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[by Ent team] Beenzino is releasing a new song.

On the April 23rd 6pm, Beenzino is releasing his new single ‘OKGO’ with Esense.

The new song ‘OKGO’, first comeback single after Beenzino's discharge from the army, is his first work to be released in about 2 years after 2016.

The new song is raising lots of expectations as a first song announcing Beenzino's comeback; moreover, the expectation of Korean hiphops is at its highest because of Esence, who is about to release an anticipated new mixtape ‘Outcast’.

This is the first time for both Beenzino and Esence have released an official album together; though this album, both rappers are announcing their start for the year.

On the other hand, ‘OKGO’, a new song both Beenzino and Esence worked on, can be heard on every major music site in Korea from today (23rd) from 6pm. (photo by BANA)


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