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Sat Sep 18

Mini vs Long one-piece dress styling through k-pop★

2019-05-03 17:26:48
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[by Oh Eun Sun] There were numerous singers who participated in recently opened music award. They caught not only camera's attention but also people's attention with their trendy fashion styling

Especially, the female idol member's fashion item draws people's attention because they came with their own unique styles depends on their body type and characters. We could look at different styles from clean black color fitted dress to sexy off shoulder dress.

Among many styles, we could separate stars who wore two styles: mini one-piece dress and long one-piece dress

♥Mini one-piece dress

While many idols stars chose mini one-piece dress, let's pay attention to Red velvet's Irene, Girlfriend's Yuju and Twice Mina's fashion. Irene, who is known for her beautiful look, chose black dress that shows her clavicle to fit her sexy and elegant image. Also, it created synergy effect with her black hair.

Girlfriend's Yuju chose white dress with pure images. Yuju also showed her clavicle; however, it has strong fresh by matching with the flare skirt. Sowon, also from Girlfriend, showed shirting design that showed her shoulder a little with halter neck.
Twice Mina chose the see-through one-piece dress that emphasized her unique feminine look. She also maximizes her feminine vibe with the lacy see-through design on her arm. On top of that, she showed her neck line by tying up her hair- we could even feel the sexiness.

 ♥long one-piece dress

Long one-piece dress is an item that adds calmness and femininity. Red Velvet's Yeri, Twice's Shana’ Tzuyu and Cheong Ha picked long dress that goes with their charm. Yeri wore shirting black long dress to emphasize her calm image. She completed feminine vibe that contrast to her usual fruity image.

Twice Shana, matching with her bright hair color, looked almost like ‘goodness’. She looked much shinier with outstanding lace and shirting fashion points. Tzuyu also chose dark colored pattern long dress to create charismatic feminine beauty.
Cheong Ha chose unique long dress that looks like butterflies are dangling on. Just like how Cheong Ha puts her unique color into her albums, we could feel her unique charm from her clothes alone.

♥Editor’s pick

Fitted black dress that covers one's body tight create perfect silhouette that emphasize sexiness and femininity. Depends on how you create the fine neck line, it allows different styling. On top of that, black color makes the body look much slimmer.

White mini one-piece dress that emphasizes shirring not only makes you smaller but also create youthful vibe. If you are a tall girl, let's create hot vibe by wearing short one-piece dress.

White shirring long one-piece dress is perfect to create ‘goddess mood’. If you wear it with long wavy hair, it is perfect. Not only you can cover the legs with black one-piece dress, but also? You can create style that looks slim overall. It is good to cover the body complex. (Photo by Stylenanda, Bnt news DB).


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