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Sat Sep 18

Idol★’s daily look on the way to music show

2019-05-03 17:40:54
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[by Oh Eun Sun] when we look into idol members on the way to their music show, we can learn more about their daily look. We can look into their style that is different than their stage outfit.

Since they show different hair color and hair styling compare to ordinary people, it is perfect to refer hair style you want to do. On top of the head, it gives the fun of checking out daily look that we might able to up an item out of it.

What was Momoland's Nancy, Jooi and Dia Neong Chae Yeon's who just revealed themselves on the way to the music show, ‘s look? Let's look into their look who wore items that are easy to pull off.

Momoland Jooi

Momoland Jooi draw people's attention by dying her hair with fresh orange color. Moreover, she showed us the two tone styling not mono tone. If you don't want to dye your hair with just one color, it is good to go for two tones.

The fashion item she chose was yellow color t-shirt that us bright like the spring and black jacket. She completed fresh and clean look. Moreover, she created look to be completely unseen by choosing a short bottom. This makes more convenient when you move around and it makes your leg longer.

Editor's pick oversize fitted shirt is an easily find item from the closet. A designed t-shirt with unique lettering makes you more stylish. It is good to create look like Momo. Moreover, it is multi-purpose items that goes with denim, skirt, and jogger pants. 

Momoland Nancy

Nancy from Momoland also showed off a spring look by matching the fresh light yellow blouse and denim pants. She created a youthful vive by matching the snow-like white skin, dark hair color and light yellow color. Especially, she upgraded her femininity with her blouse that corrects the waist.

Nancy's daily look for this day is perfect for college student. Because by matching with denim, it is trendy enough but not too much. Moreover, if you finish with sneakers or running shoes like Nancy, it is even good for activity.

Editor's pick if you are choosing a sleeveless design top that has similar vibe to Nancy's, it is good to utilize as layered item. You can dress up with more style with its frill detail and tight banding that corrects the waist area.

Dia Jeong Chae Yeon

Jeong Chae Yeon, who is known for her youthfulness. She caught both femininity and youthfulness at the same time by matching a clean one-piece dress and dress shoes. Her choice of item color, goes with her skin tone, is point we should look into.

If you choose the right color of clothes that goes with your skin tone, you can create much more lively vibe. If it is cool tone, choose light purple and sky blue color. For warm tone, I recommend orange and dried rose color. Also, if you think waist fitted style like Jeong Chae Yeon's is a little too much, it is good to choose a one-piece dress that more avant-garde.

Editor's pick a one-piece dress with wide width I'd good to layer with the inner wear. On top of that, if you choose lace or see-through item as an inner wear, you can complete a unique five. For the upcoming spring, why don't we go for a picnic in a dressy style? (Photo by Style Nanda, bnt news DB)


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