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Passion -> cheer... IZ*ONE ‘Violeta’, we hope that the sincere mind can reach to WIZ*ONE

2019-05-10 13:18:11
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[by Kim Young Jae / photo by Kim Chi Yoon] Girl group IZ*ONE’s mini 2nd album ‘HEART*IZ’ showcase has taken place.

IZ*ONE is a blend girl group from Mnet’s audition show, Produce 48; the team is formed with female trainees from Korea and member of AKB48 from Japan. Three girls, Miyazaki Sakura from HKT48 (first season), Yabuki Nako from HKT48 (third season) and Honda Hitomi from AKB48 (team8), joined the IZ*ONE.

IZ*ONE have recorded the sales of 88,822 alums with the debut album COLOR*OZ last October. Not only they have recorded the highest debut album sales as a girl group but also they swarmed various new artist award.

Kwon Eun Bi, who came back to the Korea after 6 months, said “the time has really fly by. I have been working both in Japan and Korea. There are friends who graduated and friends who just started’

The new girl group IZ*ONE have also debuted in Japan on February 6th. Their first single ‘好きと言わせたい (I want him to say I like you)’ have recorded 320k sales. This led them to get approval from the Recording Industry Association of Japan as a gold disk platinum artist.

The title song of ‘Heart*IZ’ is Violeta. It is a song inspired by author Oscar Wilde’s tale The Happy Prince’s story. It has a message of through IZ*ONE’s cheer, not only their fathom WIZ*ONE but also everyone who listens to their song can realize something that means special to each individuals.

Jang Won Young explained the difference of two songs “If the La Vie en Rose sent the message of hot passion, Violeta has the message of love and cheer. Kim Mim Ju showed off the team work saying “We’ve practiced with a lot of fun since the song and choreography are both very exciting. It was surprising that the team chemistry got better than La Vie en Rose”

The choreography point of Violeta is so called ‘Jebi dance’. Honda Hitomi said “Since IZ*ONE is representing Jebi in this song, there is a Jebi dance hoping to bring treasures to lots of people” (Jebi means Swallow, the bird, in Korean)

 ‘Heart*IZ’ is a combined word of English word Heart and IZ*ONE, it means “an album that has the sincere heart that IZ”ONE wants to show”

Member Kim Min Ju and Honda Hitomi have participated in 4th track of the album, Really Like you. Honda Mitomi send thank you to Min Ju saying “just like Minju, I wrote this song thinking of IZ*ONE members. I could finished the lyrics because of Min Ju’s help with Korean”


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