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Park Min Yeong, who learn how to be an Otaku, answers the issue surrounding ‘her personal life’ HomeMa (homepage Master: fan who takes excessive pictures of Idol. Abbreviation for Homepage Master in K

2019-05-10 13:33:53
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[by Kim Yeong Jae / photo by Baek Soo Yeon] tvN Wednesday and Thursday Drama ‘Her Private Life’ is an Otaku-Romance drama about a main character, who is a perfect curator at work but secretly an idol Otaku, meets an anal boss.

Park Min Yeong plays the role of Seong Duck Mi, who is successful curator at work but an idol Otaku at home. She said “I’ve been obsessed with drama, coffee, dogs and other hobbies. Being an Otaku is a fascinating and fun thing to do. It also allow you to feel the joy of life”

Person who helped her the most to play a successful role as an otaku is her family. Park Min Yeong mentioned her sister who is a living proof of maintaining both work and personal life as otaku by saying “My sister is my current role model. I’m inspired from her finding a target and genuinely cheering for that target to grow”

Moreover she said “This has been a catalyst for me to reconsider my opinion on Otaku. I hope the audience will feel the same way” She wished that the purity of being an Otaku can be delivered to the viewers.

However, the background of the main character is the reason for damaging that purity. Duck Mi is a Home Ma (Home Master). Home Ma is a word referring to someone who follows an idol and taking pictures and videos of them. Currently, they have been blamed for infringement of portrait right.

Hong Jong Chan PD admired the negative image of Home Ma saying “Duck Mi is a passionate Home Ma who earns nothing for herself but truly cheer for Idol Sian (Jeong Jae Won). It would be great to focus that aspect of the character”

The main Actresses also add an explanation regarding so called “Home Ma Issue” Park Min Yeong said “There is a character name Cindy (Kim Bo Ra) who is a rival of Duck Mi. In the early part of the show, there is a part that explains the negative views on Home Ma and parts we misunderstood about them”

To add on she guided us with the viewing point “Compare to CIndy, Duck Mi is a kind and righteous Home Ma who puts the Idol first. I hope you enjoy the conflict of those two”

Kim Jae Wook is also playing the peculiar art museum Director Ryan Gold. He is a man with great reputation and power in the art community. He enters the Otaku world without noticing after meeting Duck Mi.

Kim Jae Wook expressed the “Her Private Life” as a lovely story made by lovely people. He also wished that the production will add more spring on to the nostalgic and feel-good spring.


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