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Fri Jun 05

Faster and trendy quick coral makeup

2019-05-10 15:30:55
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(by Oh Eun-sun) In May the warm and bright colors are favored by many people. That is because the bright colors make the skin tone bright and help people feel the refreshing spring. So, it is easy to find out the fashion items having bright colors such as coral, pink and yellow.

The same applies to the makeup products. As the colors such as dense red and brick are favored in fall and winter, the bright colors such as coral and pink are favored from the spring. Especial the color coral is one of the colors most favored by Koreans. It is because that the bright color is good on with warm tone and is easy to get along with anything.

However, if many colors are used on the face, you may look not so chic. You can make the various kinds of makeup even with one color tone if you use its chroma. How about doing the makeup for eye, cheek and lip with the color coral only?

We recommend you to select the cushion foundation for the fast makeup. In addition, as it uses the puff instead of the foundation for which the hand or brush is to be used for uniform application, even the beginner can easily use it.

First of all, make the skin care and then apply a concealer over the area required to be covered. At this time, use only a small amount of it rather than a large amount and put it on the area to cover. Tap the area with the hand lightly to cover before applying a foundation over it.

If your skin is the dry type, it is better for you to spray the mist in every stage between the applications of the skin care, concealer and cushion foundation to get the moisture layer. Be sue to spray it lightly and tap it with hand for absorption before applying a cushion foundation.


It is the pink colored glow skin cushion which makes the skin tone uniform and gets the skin bright with pearly tint. Its sticky and soft application makes the skin texture and tone smooth and glow.

It is said that the facial impression is decided by the eyebrow. Actually, a lot of celebrities hear people say that their facial impressions have changed once they changed their shape of eyebrows.

First of all, in the stage of eyebrow makeup, it is more required to find the product which is good with the color of hair. The birth hair and the dark eyebrow would lower the completeness of the makeup. So, before drawing the eyebrow, put a little oil by using powder to get the good color and the color sustainability.

Draw the big frames over the front bang and back hair with the eyebrow pencil. Color it from the eyebrow mountain to the vacant tail area. Take precaution that the eyebrow tail does not go down below the point under the front of eyebrow when it is lined between the nose ridge and eye tail. If the hair is bright, color it with the eyebrow mascara product.


The 1.5 mm slim pencil is used for the fine eyebrow line while the cream powder cushion is used to color the area as they make the perfect eyebrow. As this uses various extender pigments, it boasts of proper hardness and soft sense of use.

Then, use the multi items which can complete the eye, cheek and lip makeups one time to finish the quick makeup. As these multi-items are more available in the market these days, the consumers have more options in choosing the proper item. How about using the balm type item to add the moisture?

Apply it on the zygoma which gets distinct when you make a smile on your face. If the face is long in diagonal way or the zygoma is protruded, we recommend you to apply it in the slanted way. If the face is long, the horizontal application can make up for it to some extent.
Then, supply the vitality to the lip. If the lip makeup looks awkward even though other areas are good, the makeup may not be good enough. So, apply it from the middle part of the lip and naturally smudge it.


As the high colored pigment is layered one by one, the free adjustment of the concentration is possible. The refreshing sense of use make the makeup comfortably finished as if nothing has been applied over the lip and cheek.


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