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Fri Jun 05

Elegant and beautiful point? It is the volume.

2019-05-10 15:54:13
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(by Lee Hye-jeong) There are many types in beauty. People tend to express their images according to their personality. But it is likely that many women’s favorite image is the elegance as they get older regardless of where they live.

Although many people try to keep their elegance and prestigious image as they age, it is not easy to keep them beautiful against the accelerating aging process. If you want to have the unchanging beauty and elegance even against the flowing time, what kind of knowhow would be required?

To express the elegant beauty, it would be good to find the solution in the makeup method. The makeup which has been known the property for women only is valuable as it can make the change in the image or make up for some shortcomings to some extent without special surgery or treatment.

If you want to express your elegance through makeup, put effort on the expression of skin. For the expression of luxury and elegant image, it is necessary to express the skin in a way that the glow softly flows out from the inside of the skin. The elegant makeup can be completed if you conduct the makeup from the stage of foundation care by adding the moisture and then using the lighter at the stage of makeup to express the light.

For the expression of elegant mood, the change in the hair styling is necessary. It would be good to find out a style which is good on yourself while playing various kinds of hair styles. Among them, the key point is the volume.

If you make the top of your hair voluminous and get the sense of volume whether the length of the hair or the style of the hair, straight or wave, you can get the more elegant and vivid style. The making of the big wave would be helpful in making a big volume. The making of volume with the hair on the top of the head would be good in making the elegance.

The changed makeup and the voluminous hair would be a simple way of making you. But as it is not semi-permanent way, it may not give you full satisfaction. So, if you want to be elegant and pretty with the volume for long term in a short period of time, you should control the volume.

Dr. Kwon Sun-hong, or a senior doctor at JK Plastic Surgery of Korea (specializing in the field of plastic surgery) advises “For the completeness of the elegant beauty, it would be good to focus on the volume. But if you are not satisfied with the makeup or other methods, the fat transplantation would be a good option to make the volume on the face”.

The fat transplantation is the method of taking the fat from the area such as stomach or buttock of the patient himself or herself and plant it on the recessed area on the face. It is very effective in making the volume on the face and the voluminous baby face.

Dr. Kwon Sun-hong further added, “For those who are concerned with the recessed cheek or eyelid or rapid weight loss along with the aging, the fat transplantation may be a solution. As it is the transplantation of his/her own fat, it is critical to get the in-depth consultation form the experienced doctor and decide on the proper surgery method.

JK Plastic Surgery is famous for its attraction of foreigner patients and got awarded by the Gangnam-gu local government as a good cooperative institution. By exercising the “one-stop preoperative examination”, it puts priority on the accurate analysis and diagnosis. It has the experts in the anesthesiology and pain medicine and has the operating room applied with the US FED Standard 209D. In addition, it has the CPR (emergency response) team and the emergency kits in preparation for any unavoidable emergency situation, thus putting priority on the safety of patients.(photo by: JK Plastic Surgery clinic, bnt news database)


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