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Sat Sep 18

Stars in the event venue with various stylings

2019-05-10 16:04:16
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(by Oh Eun-sun) At a recently held brand promotion venue, several stars have gathered, boasting of their own distinct attractiveness. They showed their own styles and exposed their strong colors. It would be pleasure for us to watch their various and distinct attractiveness.

Actually, any person has his/her own personality as he/she has his/her own appearance. There are many ways of expressing the personality such as makeup, hair stylings and others. But what is the most distinct is just the fashion styling. If you are not sure of your own fashion style, why don’t you check the daily look of stars or celebrities?

If you refence a star whose preference is similar to your own mood or preference, you can make the fashion styling more easily. Let’s take a look at Heize and Yeon Woo.

★ Unique mood of Heize

Heize has a lot of fans with her own attractive voice and unique appearance. She is favored by not only male fans but also by many female fans. Many people want to know her makeup and styling.

On that day, Heize put on the top having the strong color and open neck and the denim long skirt as well as knee high socks, thus adding the uniqueness to her look. Especially, the knee socks which are distinct are good for emphasis. Then, the black walker is added, thus perfectly completing the style.

Editor’s pick If you are uncomfortable with Heize’s fashion color, you can use the achromatic colors. How about matching white T-shirts with black unique long skirt? Knee socks can be replaced with general color socks. Like Heize, the point can be made with the belt. But the belt bag can be also used.

★ Refreshing and vital Yeonwoo

Yeonwoo of girl group Momoland has the refreshing and vital attractiveness. She attracts the people’s attention with her long body line and transparent skin. Yeonwoo completed her styling by using the basic items which anyone would have in her/his own wardrobe.

She put on the white T-shirts having the brand log design and the denim mini skirt. She added the white shoes to her vital style. If you are a freshman in a college, why don’t you put on after Yeonwoo’s fashion”? You can make the sensible and stylish coordination.

Editor’s pick If you are comfortable with white T-shirts and denim mini skirt, you can use the item having the distinctive color. How about matching the color mustard containing the spring feel with the khaki mini skirt?

★ Girl crush Jessi

Jessi shows the girl crush attractiveness no matter what kind of clothes or makeup she wears. She showed her own unique attractiveness different from others at the event venue.
She put on the white top which fits to her body along with the overall denim pants.

Especially, the pulled-down string on one side of the pants made her look sexier. Then, the white bucket hat and shoes were used as point items. It was a good fashion styling which well matches with Jessi who is characterized by her sexy appearance and unique personality.

Editor’s pick How about using the overall pants this spring like Jessi? The white clothes would make the skin tone brighter. If you are concerned that it would make you look bigger, you may select the darker color. Like Jessie, let’s give a point with cap, shoes or bag.


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