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Moon Sori X Park Hyeong Sick ‘juror 8’, portray the first citizen participating trial of Korea

2019-05-14 09:18:11
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[by Lim Hyeon Joo / photo by Baek Soo Yeon] Movie ‘Juror 8(Director Hong Seung Wan)’ is a movie about ordinary people, who became juror for the first citizen participating trial of Korea, slowly discovering the truth of an event in their own way.

The movie is based on the real event back in 2008, which became the most meaningful citizen participating trial of that year. Director Hong Sent Wan said “I accidentally heard the story of citizen Participating trial. I thought it was interesting that ordinary people who do not know about the law find the truth of the murder case and get to judge”

This is Moon Sori’s first time of acting as a judge. He said “I read legal related books such as, What Is Law? I also visited young judges such as Honor Kim Yeong Ran and others”

Moreover he said “There isn’t much action for me besides when I turn my heads to look at the jurors. I felt like I’m tighten in. So far I’ve done handball, dancing and body twisting but in this move I’ve done nothing. That was the hardest part of the movie. In order to portray the strong judge, I focused on my voice and attitude”

Park Hyeong Sick, who is shooting his first commercial film, played jury number 8, Kwon Nam Woo, who redirect the trial into unexpected direction.

Park Hyeong Sick said “During Suits, I had to memorize all the legal codes. Because of that, I have memos covering my house. This time, I’m playing completely different character. It really energize me”. He informed us the difference. He always told us his reason of filming this movie “I wanted to go on this movie because the main characters of this movie are the eight juries”

Moo So Ri said “We were worried that Hyeong Sick’s positive and bright vibe may come off a little too strong. Honestly, we are all realistic but Hyeong Sick is very unrealistic”. She complemented him”

Director Hong Seung Hwan said “in the movie, Nam Woo is a character who is a bit too naïve. This really goes well with Hyeong Sick’s pure passion. He is some why convincing even though he may be saying different”

Also director Hong Seung Wan thanked the actors “I’ve organized the juror with people from different background and social status. I wanted to show the process of how they slowly change during the trial. I think the actors really did great interpretation”


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