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Mon Sep 23

For OH My GIRL ♥ is the ‘fifth season’. The pounding emotion of girls

2019-05-14 10:22:13
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[by Ent team] Oh My GIRL is releasing their first official album.

WM Entertainment shared the news “Today (8th) 6pm, girl group Oh My GIRL who is known as the ‘concept fairy’ will be releasing their first official album ‘The Fifth Season’ through various music websites”

‘The Fifth Season’ consists of a total of 10 tracks including the title track ‘Fifth Season (SSFWL)’. ‘Fifth Season’ is a song that captures the emotions of paced love coming to the girls with lyrics, rich choruses, and lovable & emotional vocals of Oh My GIRLs that compare to the coming of the fifth season. It is a song that captures our ears.

Beforehand, Oh My GIRL surprised their fan by releasing a drawing teaser. Also, their unprecedented look of elegant ballerina look caught the eyes instantly.

On the other hand, the first official album of Oh My GIRL ‘The Fifth Season’ will be releasing on the 8th, 6pm. (photo by WM Entertainment)


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