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Looking into Celebrities’ fashion at the event venue

2019-05-24 17:15:37
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[by Oh Eun Sun] when you look into the star’s fashion, who are participating at the event venue, you can easily check out the trend. Especially, if number of celebrities did a similar look, it means it is a popular fashion.

Most of the celebrities, we met at the event venue recently, were stubborn about feminine look. Not only they utilize pink color to represent the upcoming spring, but also it is perfect for the date look because it has sophisticated and lovely mood.

Let’s stop worry about fashion. Now look into Choi Hee, Kyeong Ree and Kim Saron’s fashion items that caught people’s spotlight at the event venue. You could turn into more trendy style.

Kim Saron became a freshman of Joong Ang University Acting department’s class of 2022 by taking a GED after withdrawing from the high school. Her beautiful look, that draw people’s attention since her childhood, burst into flowers when she turned 20.

Kim Saron showed herself with the cute freshman look at the recent event venue. She matched pink shirring blouse and mini flare skirt. This is a perfect girlfriend look, has refreshing and feminine vibe, for spring picnic. This spring season, why don’t you show off the fashion that utilize pink color like Kim Sharon.

Editor’s Pick Let’s utilize unique blouse that adds on differentiate style with wrinkle detail that covers the entire blouse. Even though it is a see-through type, it is perfect to wear for ordinary occasion because of its wrinkle design. 

Kyeong Ree received countless spotlights as she showed up to the event venue. Recently, she became an issue by wearing a perfect outfit that goes with her. Mini skirt, that has similar color tone to see-through skin tone blouse, was perfect to catch everyone’s attention. Especially, her skinny body was emphasized by it.

If you think that off shoulder style like Kyeong Ree is a little too much, why don’t you choose an overall see-through design blouse that has no direct exposure. If you add on the puff design, you can create cuter vibe. If you expressed the sexiness with the see-through blouse, it is good to show the contrasting charm with Benin pants or long skirt bottom.

Editor’s pick See through blouse can create different vibe depends on its color. If the white is clear and clean vibe, the skin tone can create much sexier vibe. The black color has subtle luxury as well.

Announcer Choi Hee still looks great with her title ‘Baseball goddess’. She came to the recent event venue with sophisticated style. We could feel the career women vibe through her all white color jacket dress.

However, jacket in a dress shape can be a little inconvenient to be active. Moreover, you may think that it is a little too formal to utilize as a daily fashion. It is much better If you choose an item that you can utilize as a daily look.

Editor’s pick what about a half suit jacket that has linen’s modest and firm vibe. Since the appropriate shoulder pad marks natural cotton to look formal, it allows you to get both formality and activeness.


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