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Sat Sep 18

Refer to actress’s styles- Styling for the picnic look!

2019-05-24 17:26:58
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[by Oh Eun Seon] There were lots of actresses visiting the recent beauty event venue. Many celebrities and influencers visited and celebrated the occasion. Since many people have visited, there were many fashion stylings that we could feel their own unique personalities.
Let’s look into three actresses’ look among them. Park Kyu Ri, who is known as a ‘goddess’, Moon Ji In, who draw viewers’ attention with her bubbly charm, and Lim
Eun Kyeong, a beloved actress since her debut, showed their unique attractive look.
Let’s look into styles from lovely look, you can refer for upcoming date, to black and white style, you can wear for the formal event.

Park Kyu Ri have been showing her various talents as a singer, actress and many beauty program MC. Especially, her beautiful no makeup look was enough to draw lots of lady’s heart. Thus, there are many people who look after her beauty items or beauty tips.

She showed us a sophisticated feminine look at the event venue. Especially, her use of ordinary items, can use for everyone, as a pointer caught out eyes. She created a feminine look by choosing a colorful lace blouse, denim and skin-toned heel. Moreover, she gave a pointer with a bold earring.

Editor’s Pick If you choose blouse with lace like Park Kyu Ri, you can emphasize your femininity. Also, design that utilize curvy frill and lace top is good. If think that the heel is a little too much, you can create a casual look by finishing the style with the sneakers.

Moon Ji In recently won an award for actress in Korean Art and Cultural Awards. Her bubbly acting and attractive face caught views mind. Moon Ji In attended the event venue in a refreshing dress that resembles her charm. The red color button doubled her refreshing charm. In addition, she finished her style by matching the similar tone of dress shoes. If you think that check pattern is a little too much due to the body shape, it is good to choose a vertical striped design.

Editor’s Pick If you want toned down color not the bubbly color that Moon Ji In wearing, why don’t you choose emotional beige tone color. Moreover, it is good to choose square neck design over regular collar design or round neck. Because of its cool look, it will be suitable for the summer. 

Lim Eun Koenig, who debut as a brand model, is beloved by many with drastically increased popularity. After all those years, she still shows off her beautiful antiseptic beauty. Lim Eun Kyeong showed a simple fashion styling, matching black and white color, at the event venue. This look is perfect for you to refer for occasions that require you to look clean such as wedding and meeting the boyfriend’s parents for the first time. IT is good to utilize black slacks and white blouse like Lim Eun Kyeong; however, it is good to match a black top and white jean.
Editor’s Pick If you think that Lim Eun Kyeong’s look is too stiff, it is good to utilize a little bit more colorful white blouse. If you choose dimensional and dress blouse on top of clean black slacks bottom, you can emphasize the femininity. 


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