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Want to look younger? Face management method

2019-05-24 17:34:09
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[by Lee Hae Jeong] Everyone have a wish that they want to look younger than their age. People's attention, almost representing people’s mind, to anti-aging has been steady; including the opening of a contest that selects people who look younger.

It is important for people, who are in a same age group, to look younger than their ‘actual’ age. Someone, age 42, may look like 32 years old while someone in the same age group could look 52. If you are part of people who want to look younger, you can’t get close to young looking by not doing anything. What are some methods that will delay the aging process that is undertaking every day?

If you want to look younger, first check your daily habit. You need to look back and see if you have a daily routine that increase your aging process. Lack of sleep, frequent consumption of alcohol, smoking, toxic eating habit and lack of sunblock; these are all the daily habit that promotes aging.

Especially aging from UV rays, skin photo-aging is known as the main cause that disturbs skin. When the skin is expose to the UV rays for the long period of time, it will deepen the wrinkle while creating dark spots. Steady skin care as well as thorough UV protection are essential to create young looking skin.

We can reverse aging by using anti-aging product. In order to create young looking skin, you have to take care the stretched skin and improve wrinkles, symbol of aging.

Choose anti-aging cosmetics that are effective for improving elasticity and wrinkles and apply it in the morning and night to give constant care. When you are using anti-aging product, instead of applying excessive amount to seek the result, it is important to use constantly as a prevention method; even though, it may see like it’s doing a little effect.

However, if aging has already progressed considerably, changes in lifestyle and the use of anti-aging products are not enough to reverse the aging process. If the aging have processed quite some time or if you want to complete your style in more certain way, it may be a good idea to consider day-to-day skin care while considering different forms of anti-aging surgery.

JK Plastic Surgery’s, located in the heart of Korea, Gangnam, director Kim Seong Sick (Plastic Surgeon) said “if you are concern about drastically processed aging or want to stop aging, let’s put effort by correcting daily habit and use of anti-aging products. However, if you still don’t see a visible change after a while, you can see an effective aging management by getting help from us such as filler or Botox.

Facial lifting surgery is a surgical procedure in which the aged tissue is removed through incision. Then the remaining tissue is pulled and sewn. Therefore we can achieve more reliable wrinkle reduction effect. In addition, lower eyelid surgery and subcutaneous fat surgery can improve the blurred vision. It allow you to complete the perfect young looking face.

General Manager Yoo Yeong Moon said “There has been an increasing number of foreign patients’ hospitalization who wish to get anti-aging surgery follow by the K-beauty trend. No matter how simple of surgery or procedure that patient is going under, if they want to prevent to side effect while increasing the satisfaction, they should decide an appropriate surgery after having detail consultation with the specialists.

JK Plastic Surgery Center, located in the heart of Korea, Seoul Apgujeong, has one-stop health status checkup of patients to prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis with its cutting edge medical video equipment and operation equipment. Also, to consider prevent emergency situation, it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7 and have CPR (emergency respond) team and emergency kit, UPS uninterruptible power supply that allows surgery during the black out, pain control, CRM, such as patient safety monitoring system to prioritize patients safety. (Photo by Bnt News DB, bnt News DB)


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