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Wed Jan 29

The Month of Family, special time with family.

2019-05-28 09:19:43
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There are many people planning to travel or eat out among family members in the month of May. May is a more special month than any other month since there are many family events such as Children's Day, Mother's Day, Adult Day, and Couples Day.

Due to Everyone’s special plan for the weekend and holiday, there should be a lot of people wherever you go. We don’t want to be part of the chicken game but we can’t give up beautiful site seeing and delicious food. If you want to enjoy memorable moments while enjoying the warm weather, let's pay attention here. 

▶ Where to go for a family visit?

The 'Morning Calm Arboretum' located in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province is made up of 5,000 kinds of flowers and trees. It is the best place to take your parents. The spring flower festival is held until the end of May. You can enjoy beautiful spring scenery filled with tulip, azalea, daffodil, magnolia, and azalea. Besides the festivals, you can enjoy more than 20 themed gardens. This allows you to enjoy colorful flowers at any time. Since It is not too far from Seoul, you can use it without the burden of travel.

'Paju Imjingak Peace Nuri Park' is a good place to bring children with its many attractions with various sculptures and pinwheels. You can enjoy a variety of performances in a space made up of large grassy hills and outdoor water-stage theaters that is child friendly. It could be a meaningful trip that allows you to learn the sad history of divided country from rustic train rail while enjoying the day.

Located in Chuncheon, 'Jade Garden' is a themed garden with a concept of small European forest. It is composed of 24 themes and it is a good place to heal with natural beauty of the forest. Since Chuncheon is known for its food, it is good to go out for good food at the well-known local restaurant. This will be the best trip ever. 

▶ On special occasions, what is good food to have with family at home?

When family members with different ages gathered, there are many different preference in food and exercise. In this case, it is good to choose a food that doesn’t go with one specific preference. When we think of food with no preference, we can think of ‘chicken’ and ‘pizza’. This is not only the most beloved food by children, but also with a can of beer for adults, it can release all the stress you’ve been getting. Nowadays, with different menus and offerings, many can enjoy different menus that they like.

Goobne Galbi-King Chicken for children who has the sweet tooth, Galbi-king chicken made with galbi sauce is the best food. You can satisfy everyone with this chicken since mom doesn’t have to prep galbi, which requires lots of time, while enjoying her weekend and child can enjoy the food.

Goobne Volcano Chicken While children’s are into the sweet Galbi-King, why not spicy volcano for adult that goes perfectly with sweet beer? Since it is a constant popular item on the menu, everyone can easily enjoy it.

Grilled Beef Galbi-King Pizza It is a direct-fire frilled beef and potato cube topping that gives you sweet and salty flavor while showing off the traditional special Galbi-King Sauce, only available in Goobne. If you are wondering what to have between chicken and pizza, why don’t we just enjoy both with Galbi-King Pizza.

Sweet potato honey-mellow pizza Sweet potato moose and cube topping; honey mustard garlic, bacon and honey-mellow sauce. It is a menu for everyone since it has the harmonious flavor between sweet and nutty.

Barbecue Chicken Volcano Pizza’s point is on top of spicy volcano sauce, it has smoky barbecue chicken and jalapenos topping. You can enjoy its soft, nutty and spicy flavor with its mozzarella cheese and butter garlic sauce (Photo Credit: Morning Calm Arboretum official homepage, Goobne chicken)


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