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Tue Oct 22

What drama should we watch in May?

2019-05-28 09:30:59
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There has been new drama coming in along with the shiny spring weather. There are many romance drama that will represent our heart by taking in the spring weather. From hot new drama that just started to drama that is coming soon. There has been lots of attention by having all the talented actors. If you consider yourself a drama nerd, look in to the May K-drama line up. If you are worry about what to watch in May, let’s focus here.


TvN Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Abyss’ took the most popular Tv show among shows that share same hours after the first episode. It is a plot twist visual fantasy drama that two man and woman, who revived through abyss with 180 different look than their previous life, chase after murderer who killed them. It draw lots of issue with its creative subject and actor Ahn Hyo Seop and Park Bo Yeong’s chemistry. Ahn Hyo Seop, sculpture like look, and Park Bo Yeong, cute young looking actress, add visual fun on the show with their crazy visual. Park Bo Yeong, who is a model of Korea’s popular chicken brand ‘Goobne Chicken’, showed her bright and lovely side on the Goobne chicken commercial. Her new romance is drawing lots of people’s attention. 

The Wind Blows

JTBC new Monday Tuesday drama ‘The Window Blows’ is a romantic drama about two people who falls back into love again after a breakup try to keep the yesterday’s memory while keeping the tomorrows love. Kim Woo Seong, who is known for an adult mellow drama such as ‘Alone in Love’, ‘Should We Kiss First ‘and others, have gotten good results from all of his drama. Because of that, this drama also has high expectation. Kim Ha Neul, who is known as a romantic comedy queen, is coming back to the TV screen after long time. If you are drawn more toward mellow with depth rather than cute and bubbly romance, why don’t you watch ‘The Wind Blows’. It is plan to move us by showing how married couple deals with period of lassitude and their love. 

One Spring Night

MBC new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘One Spring Night’ is plan to be on air on the 22nd 9pm. It is a new production of director Ahn Pan Seok from ‘Something in the Rain’; we are excite to see it. It is a drama of two people who try to find love. It became an issue because the mood goddess Han Ji Min and Jeong Hae In from ‘Something in the Rain’ are on the show. Han Ji Min took the role of Lee Jeong In, a librarian who chase after her love; Jeong Hae In took the role of Yoo Ji Hoe, who is known as a warm and friendly pharmacists. Jeong Hae In said he put in lots of effort to under the character with more depth. If you are drawn into warm and calm drama, why don’t you watch ‘One Spring Night”?  

My Absolute Boyfriend

SBS Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘My Absolute Boyfriend’ went on air for the first time on the 15th. My Absolute Boyfriend is a drama that draws hot, soft and stimulating romance between Dada, a special effect make-up artist who became a cold-heart from previous relationship, and Zero Nin, a humanoid robot built to become a boyfriend with hot pink heart. Many people express their curiosity with Yeo Jin Goo and Bang Min Ah’s unique meeting. The show is originally based on popular Japanese Manga. In 2008, it has been made for drama on Fuji TV in Japan. There has been increasing curiosity among people that how Yeo Jin Good and Bang Min Ah will portray unique subject of the love between robot and human. It also increase our expectation as the show goes on because we can feel both SF mystery and romantic comedy from one show. (Photo Credit: Goobne Chicken, Bnt News DB, JTBC ‘The Wind Blows’ official website, MBC ‘One Spring Night’ official website, SBS ‘My Absolute Boyfriend’ Official website)


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