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Looking into lovely celebrities styling

2019-05-28 09:49:46
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The first thing that worries us when the weather change. 'There is no clothes to wear' The irony is that you shop constantly but you always don’t have clothes to wear. I believe this is every women’s concern. Moreover, there are many who are not confident to keep up with the fast changing trends. If you want to keep up with the trend while putting feminine and lovely styling, why not take a look at the celebrities’ styling? The queen of loveliness. Let’s look into Park Bo Yeong, Jeong Yoo Mi and Gong Hyo Jinn’s fashion styling who are known for Bovely, Yoomvely, and Gongvely. (mix word of lovely and stars name) 

Park Bo Yeong

On top of her young looking beauty, loveliness is a plus. Park Bo Yeong who always draw man’s heart with bright and delightful vibe. She is also known for her lovely styling. She mainly styles with light and bright color skirt, blouse, dress, and others to emphasizes feminine side of her. On TvN ‘Abyss’, she showed off her mature charm that we couldn’t see on daily basis by putting horn-rimmed glasses, sharp suit and over-size look. She also stimulated the protection instinct by emphasizing the small body with her over-fitted look. She is a model of Korea 's popular chicken brand, ‘Goobne Chicken '. On the commercial, she showed Mukbang that makes us hungry with her lovely and youthful styling. Let’s go for the spring fashion styling by looking at Park Bo Yeong, who is showing her loveliness with various activity, lovely fashion. 

Jeong Yoo Mi

Celebrity who we think of well-dress girl. Actress Jeong Yoo Mi. With her clear and transparent skin, she shows neat charm without the usual make-up. The natural styling, that suits her, shows Jeong Yum Mi's lovely fashion. She can pull of any clothes with style because she has the skinny body. By looking at a picture of her, not only you can get a tip on fashion, but also you can get a picture that will motivate you to work out. She usually prefers to style with basic items such as t-shirt, denim and sweatshirt. If you want to follow her fashion that is perfect for daily fashion, why don’t you follow her social media immediately? 

Kong Hyo Jin

Known as a fashion people. Actress Gong Hye Jin is already known as a fashionista. From natural to trendy look, she has already become a woman's wannabe star. She usually enjoys the over-fit look. She shows smart styling that makes her tall height and small face. Not only that, she also created her signature look by matching her sneakers with a lovely dress. The skinny body is a component that completes her fashion. To tell you secret, if you look into her lovely and chic fashion, you won’t miss out on upcoming trend. (Photo by: Goobne Chicken, Jeong Yoo Mi & Gong Hyo Jinn’s IG, Bnt News DB)


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