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Fri Jun 05

Jeong Sae Woon, Opening solo concert in July....Ticket opens today (13th)

2019-05-29 17:39:09
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[by Ent team] Jeong Sae Woon is opening a solo concert.

Starship Entertainment, on May 13th, announced “Jenny Sae Woon is going to launch 2019 solo concert for two consecutive days, July 27th ~ 28th, at the Seoul Yeonsae University auditoriums. Then, we are planning to continue the concert in Bangkok Thailand on August 3rd(local time) and 24th in Busan”

Last March, Jenny Sae Woon received high attention from music fans by successfully completing the first solo concert and follow up concert . Then he, grew up from his childhood to a man, released various music; since he grew up as a ‘singer song writer-idol’, he is going to show much more different charm with the second solo concert.

Especially, recently, Jeong Sae Woon have received lots of love from music fans by releasing mini Album ‘±0 (Plus minus zero)’ and title song of the album ‘Feeling (Feat. PENOMECO)’. Jeong Sae Woon have shown us his music world by defining his true self as 0 and setting the added or taken out image as plus & minus area.

Based on this, he is going to steal fan’s heart by showing us the strongly added passion or sometimes a pure image of himself ‘0’ by removing excess power on this solo concert.

Jeong Sae Woon, who debut from 2017 ‘Just U, have been releasing various music such as ‘BABY IT’S U’, ’20 Something’, ‘Feeling’ and others; not only that, he became a newly rising OST maker by participating in creation of popular drama OST such as ‘Work of Love’, ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?’, ‘Where Stars Land’, ‘Touch Your Heart’ and others. On top of this, he is continuing his move by going on the recent musical ‘Greece’.


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