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Sat Jun 06

“Do whatever you want to do”...... WEKI MEKI showed their confident teen-crush ‘LOCK END LOL’

2019-05-30 08:56:48
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[by Lim Hyeon Joo / photo by Kim Chi Yoon] WEKI MEKI is coming back.

On the May 14th afternoon, The WEKI MEKI’s second single album ‘LOCK END LOL’ showcase took place at the Seoul Yongsan-gu Bluesquare.

‘LOCK END LOL’ is a meaning of releasing people who are Locked up and make them LOL. It contains the image of eight WEKI MEKI, who held their dream inside of their heart, pouring out their heated passion through music. It is an album that we can feel the colorful teen crush charm that is only available through WEKI MEKI.

On this day, WEKI MEKI showed their confidence by sharing their thoughts on coming back “It is an album we worked on for 7 months. We have been waiting for the comeback day. We are confident that not only fans but also general audience will love this music. We try to express our dream and passion through music”

Moreover, Kim Do Yeon picked unique charm of WEKI MEKI “ It has overflowing energy and joy that you can only find in WEKI MEKI’s teen-crush. Our members like each other. Since it is hard to cover up even if we try, I’m sure that people can see the different teen-crush just by looking at the stage”

Title song ‘Picky Picky’ is a powerful and confident song that expresses what one likes or dislikes. WEKI MEKI’s attractive voice and the hook ‘Picky Picky’ are very addictive.

WEKI MEKI introduced each team saying “It is a refreshing title song that goes with the season. It is an attractive song with the addictive hook. The School-crush is divided into High teen-crush and funky-crush’ High teen-crush is like watching a high teen movie and funky-crush is a situation similar to right after school”

Besides the title song, the album contains total of 3 songs including ‘Do whatever you want”, a pop-dance song, and ‘Like or not like’, an acoustic song.

About this, Choi Yoo Jeong said “Do Whatever you want” is a song we put in as much time as practicing title song. It is too good to hide. When we monitor our own stage during the preparation process, it was really fun. I hope a lot of people can feel the same feeling that I felt”.

Kim Do Yeon said “I hope the general audience become our fan”. Ji Soo Yeon said “I would like to have a first place on the music show”

The 2nd single of WEKI MEKI is going to be release on today (14th) 6pm.


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