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Sat Sep 18

Learning Festival Styling through Stars Fashion

2019-05-30 16:14:02
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[by Oh Eun Sun] The season of festival is coming closer. Many ‘festival manias’ hearts are pounding to the festivals that are already started. If there are music festivals that gives peace of mind to those who listen with subtle music such as jazz or acoustic, there are hip-hop and EDM festival that everyone can dance.

If you chose the latter one, I’m sure you want to show a fashion styling that catches people’s eyes. It is good to choose an outfit that you hesitate to wear on regular occasion. If it is a good outfit to jump around, that’s even better.

Let’s refer to idol star’s look that utilize black or bubbly color outfit to express chic charisma for the festival styling.

Let’s look into the stars who showed the black fashion. You can create a great look with a black mini dress with a shirring. Not only it can create a feminine vibe but also it can appeal bubbly character. It is also good to match black sleeveless top and colorful bottom. If you utilize bubbly yellow color or check patterned skirt like Kim Do Yeong’s, it is perfect.

Why don’t we utilize net design if you want to appeal more of a sexy image. Especially, when you have a colorful hair, if you match black top and bottom with different materials, you can create a sophisticated and clean look.

Editor’s pick 

Why don’t we give a pointer to hair after matching the black sleeveless top and white pants? It will get rid of the dull vibe. If you think that regular net design top is a little too much, let’s utilize t-shirt with a slitting. Even though it has a large exposure area, it won’t feel like it’s too much.

On top of that, you can Appel both sexiness and bubbly charm together with a black mini dress. Sleeveless black one piece dress is perfect for the festival because it doesn’t’t get in a way of any rough movement. If you want to appeal more femininity, you can choose a one-piece with a frill and puff.

If you don’t like the dark vibe of black, it is good to show a fashion styling utilizing bright color. The all white color one-piece dress will maximize the femininity. It may over produce loveliness from just a little movement. If you think that all white is a little too much, it is good to match a different color skirt. At this point, if you choose a unique style design, it will catch more people’s attention.

It is good to wear colorful color or design clothes like idol stars. It is a good idea to stand out of the crowd by matching strong red and hot pink dress or item. Besides this, you can complete numerous looks with pastel color that suits the spring and color that goes with your skin color. 

We can choose pink and yellow for the color that suits the spring because it creates overall a bright mood. Why don’t we match a bright blue short pants to pink sleeveless or yellow slit t-shirt to black short pants? Of course, you can pull it off by matching with the denim pants.

Moreover, if you think it is too much to wear just white one piece dress, keep in mind that you can wear it with the fitted short pants to be more active. If you want to show a fashion that will attract people’s attention, why don’t you choose unique design such as leopard, zebra and others? You could create more unique look by matching sleeveless zebra dress and net stockings. (photo by StyleNanda, Bnt News DB)


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