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What kinds of style models would wear?

2019-05-30 16:21:09
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[by Oh Eun Sun] What kinds of fashion styling models would show. If you are curious about their daily look, why don’t you look into their event venue fashion style rather than that of runway? It is good to look at the fashion brand event venue; however, it is also good to look at model’s fashion in different places such as beauty. That’s because they show different styling depends on the brands. Let’s look into the various looks that models show at the recent fragrance brand’s photo call. We can check out good looks for the recent weather.

Lee Ho Jeong and Kim Seong Hee are models who catch audience’s attention with their tall height and overwhelming charisma. Especially, their attractive face is enough to steal not only men’s heart but also women’s heart.

They showed off a chic and sophisticated fashion at the event venue. They matched wide pants with the color point bag. First, Lee Ho Jenny chose black top with the big ribbon design. She completed a clean-point styling. On top of that, she finished off with black pants and heels.

Kim Seong Hee showed us the limit of chicness by matching a black shirt with sky blue color wide pants. On top of that, she completed the feminine modern-chic fashion with the heels.

There are many people who prefer wide pants for the hot weather like nowadays. Not only it has good air permeability, but also, depends on its materials, you don’t have to worry about being expose while enjoying the coolness. Moreover, it has wide range of styling since you can create a completely different mood depends on its design.

For the subtle check patterned pants, you can create a look that is clean and unique. If you are worry about looking swollen, let’s choose pants that has pin tuck detail. It will look your waist skinnier.

It is good to utilize linen material depends on the weather. Not only its texture is cool, but also with its lightness, you can create a look that looks like you are not wearing anything thick. For a side note, if it is a design with a side bending, it is much more comfortable.

Model Kang Seung Hyeon and Kim Jin Yeong have a strong fan base by going after different roles such as modeling, acting, MC and others with their lovely face. Especially, their signature bright smile makes people, who met them for the first time, melt.

Lang Seung Hyeon came to the event venue with a white one-piece dress with a frill design. The big frill upgraded her femininity once more. On top of that, she gave black & white point by holding a black tote bag. Moreover, her cleanly tight hair and earrings went perfect with her styling.

Kim Jin Kyeong showed us the layered style with the colorful black see-through one piece dress. She caught people’s attention with black lace one-piece dress design on top of the white inner wear. Especially, she expressed attractive and glamorous mood with her red point in the inner wear. On tops this, she completed the look by choosing the red color point shoes. 

If you want to create a lovely vibe like Kang Seung Hyeon, why don’t you chose a white one piece dress with a frill? If you add the ribbon tie, you can create more feminine look. You can sophisticatedly finish the look by matching with the black bag just like Kang Seung Hyeon or you can match a color bag to complete the look bubblier.

If you want to show off see-through one-piece dress like Kim Jin Yeong but feel a little too much, I recommend layering with sleeveless one-piece dress. By choosing a lacy designed product, you can create a similar vibe. If you layered with a simple t-shirt, you can create a completely different daily look. (photo by StyleNanda, Bnt News DB)


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