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Tue Dec 10

Natural dyeing room “Coloring Natural”, getting spotlight as small business trend

2019-05-31 12:04:05
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Natural Dyeing room “Coloring the Nature” is getting spotlight as women's entrepreneurial trend in 2019

Coloring the Natural, opening its first location in Busan Sa Gik Dong, provides its special service: it is a place where you can take care from scalp condition check to individual specialize consultation, dyeing hair, and hair care. Unlike the chemical that the regular store use for dyeing hair, it provides color recipe that suits each individual’s hair by mixing up color powder from natural extracts, grains and tea.

In particular, its hypoallergenic hair dye that does not contain ammonia, parabens, and others to lower the hair damage level. It has been optimized to protect scalp hair. Coloring nature create healthy and natural color dyed hair with its natural extract dyeing hair for ladies who have to dye their hair between certain time cycle for their white hair. It is excellent in covering white hair.

In addition, it suggest healthier hair dyeing, crown dyeing and natural hair dyeing to women who are struggling with white hair. It is also getting lots of spotlight for women startup, stay home-mom business and low capital one men business.

On the other hand, Coloring Nature gaining popularity with it’s the natural dyeing workshop that uses healthy tea, grain powder shape hair bye to color the white hair.


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