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Tue Oct 22

Gang Dong Won’s first vlog in his life ...NO direction, No script

2019-06-17 09:18:16
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[by Ent team] actor Gang Dong Won is going to share his daily life with friends through Vlog.

Gang Dong Won’s Vlog ‘Gang Dong Won & friends, Viva L.A Vida’ main episode will be release for the first time on the YouTube channel ‘Mono Tube’ on June 1st 8pm.  ‘Gang Dong Won& Friends, Viva L.A Vida’ is a vlog series that Gang Dong Won is sharing his personal life after 16 years of acting career. Including Gang Dong Wo, model & actor Bae Jeong nam, musician Joo Hyeong jin, fashion designer Seishin, investment businessman Chris’s five best friends hot bromance travel will be release.

‘Gang Dong Won& friends, Viva L.A Vida’ first episode is about Gang Dong Won and friends meeting each other again in LA due to his Hollywood movie shooting schedule and their ‘unplanned’ traveling journey’s first day. From visiting the famous places of LA such as Venice beach, Abbot Kinney to prepping for the dinner. Its subtle but interesting daily life catches out eyes.

Out of all, Gang Dong Won turns himself a ‘Gang Driver’ during the entire trip for his friends who came all the way to LA for him. Moreover, he creates laughing point during shooting to acquire his parts even though in the beginning he felt awkward toward cameras following him. The various ‘First Moment’ of Gang Dong Won, from comfortable side of him with his friends to many other, is going to catch people’s eyes.


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