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Wed Feb 19

ILUILY, hosting a summer product event (YeYe)

2019-06-21 16:06:29
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The sensitive beauty brand ILUILY is hosting a summer event (YeYe event) for people who are worry about their hair and scalp health for the summer season.

This event is constitute with real sunny set that includes ILUILY’s best seller deep cleansing yellow shampoo which takes care sebum and oil while giving refreshing favorable scent by having lemon oil component. The real sunny set is constitute with hair essence, hair & scalp perfume along with yellow perfume.

Hair essence has Jojoba seed oil component, most similar to human’s sebum component, which provides moisture while keeping the subtle basil and mandarin scent for a long period of time. Hair Perfume makes hair shiny and it has camellia seed oil added that maintains a strong and natural fragrance. Also it can makes hair texture smooth while managing hair shininess. It can also be used as hair perfume.

Scalp perfume is used to remove sebum and oil from the scalp. It is effective in making scalp fresh and removing top of the head odor with tea tree leaf and menthol ingredients. Especially when it gets warmer, you can easily manage your scalp by spraying it evenly on the forehead and scalp that is easy to get oily and smelly. Then massage with a fingertips.

This ILUILLY event, which allows you to purchase ILUILLY’s yellow shampoo, famous for perfume shampoo, hair essence and hair perfume that could complete a shiny hair texture, for reasonable price is going until end of June. You can check out more information about event on ILUILLY’s official store.


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