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Tue Oct 22

Cosmic Girls, first summer special album...3 reasons to be excited

2019-06-24 12:06:34
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[by Ent team] The girl group Cosmic Girls are ready to cool this coming summer.
Cosmic Girls are on the way to summer hunt by releasing its special album ‘For The Summer’ and included title song ‘Boogie Up’ on June 4th. We have looked into 3 specials anticipating points a day before Cosmic girls, who are showing early stage of comeback starting from coming soon image to music video teaser release, album release.

First, this album is special because this is their first summer special album.

So far, Cosmic girls have shown us the different views of the world based of various concepts from magic school, captivating circus and carnival. Especially, the mysterious and dream music vibe became an opportunity for them to express their unique group color by blending well with Cosmic girls.

Cosmic Girls, who turned different colors of music into Cosmic Girls genre, is going to include their new summer stories into the album ‘For The Summer’. Music fans’ curiosity is getting bigger each day anticipating what type of music they are going to share from collaborating group’s unique color and seasonal taste of summer.

The cool and refreshing music video based on this fact is also an anticipating point. Cosmic girls showed off their unprecedented lively and cute vibe through ‘Boogie Up’ music video teaser that released ahead.

Especially, this music video, that contains clean sky, beautiful ocean, shiny sunlight, have been proceeded as all location at Okinawa, Japan. They are receiving all the expectations with the perfect music video image that goes with Cosmic girls rising visual, the clean nature, their refreshing and cheerful charm; its video image goes perfectly with the summer.

Their colorful producer line is also drawing our attention since it is their first summer special album.

It became a hot issue because many producers who participated in hit song projects including Winnerone, Dally, shincung, Wonderkid, participated in creation of title song ‘Boogie Up’. Besides them, Mospick, JQ, Lee Jee Hae (makeumine works), LOVELY, Olipop, Caesar & Loui, Hayley Aitken, who have been creating hit songs of Girl's Generation, A-Pink, Twice, Red Velvet and more, put their name on the album credit.

Moreover, Rapper Exy actively participated in rap making of this album to increase the musical completion of the album. The collaborations of high end producer team, who took charge of the girl group's popularity, and Exy, who showed her talent through album rap making and self written songs, is increasing the anticipation level.

Cosmic Girls, who have been satisfying pop fans eyes are ears with unique concept and colorful world view on every album from debut song ‘MoMoMo', ‘I Wish', ‘Save Me, Save You' ‘Dreams Come True', to ‘La La Love',
Is dreaming of musical step up through special album ‘For The Summer'. The eyes of the world are on what musical world would cosmic girl's, who have been constantly growing, summer story has.

On the other hand, Cosmic Girls are releasing its special album ‘For The Summer’ and included title song ‘Boogie Up ‘on June 4th through various music sites (Photo by Starship Entertainment)


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