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How to fully enjoy ‘Get away in Hong Kong’

2019-06-27 09:16:54
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[by Na Yeon Joo] The vacation season is here. It is a season when we want to go anywhere. Hong Kong is one of the easiest out of county destination we can go from Korea since it is only 4 hours away from Korea and the time difference is only 1 hours.

Hong Kong, where the vibe is somewhat different than Korea, is a great place to feel like you went far away even though it is close from Korea. It is perfect for ‘Getaway in Hong Kong’. From small shopping street with Hong Kong’s authentic vintage style and romance to night market filled with food. Hong Kong trip provides various site seeing and culinary opportunities. For upcoming summer, if you are planning a vacation, let’s look into cost effective Hong Kong traveling course.

The well-known heaven of shopping, Harbor City

Harbor City is known as the Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall. As soon as you get here, you can feel why Hong Kong is called a shopping paradise. It is a multi-complex shopping mall where you can enjoy Ocean Terminal, Ocean Center, Marco Polo Hotel Arcade, and Gateway Arcade. Harbor City is a perfect place to say, ‘There is nothing missing’; it boasts an enormous size with more than 450 brands.

The reason why the Harbor City is attracting attention is because it is used as a multi-cultural space where visitors can enjoy various performances and exhibitions besides shopping. Not only for tourists but also for locals, it is loved as dating course and shopping place.

We recommend you to set a shopping list in advance before going to Harbor City, which has everything from various attraction, things to buy and food, because it can tight up your tour schedule. Also, don’t miss out on the shopping mall map in Korean provided by the information center in Harbor City.

‘The heart of Get away in Hong Kong’, what are some cost effective famous restaurants?

Wouldn’t be the food that can feel the culture of the country is the most important thing in the trip? Hong Kong, which has attracted tourists with a variety of foods, including dim sum, milk tea and street food. It is hard to get out of Hong Kong food with its rich history and tradition once you are in.

The good thing is that Korea’s chicken franchise brand Goobne chicken is known as one of the great local restaurant in Hong Kong. Mongkok, Hong Kong’s most crowded shopping street, and Tsim Sha Tsui, a city where you can enjoy the nightlife of Hong Kong are the great example. In every hot place, frequently visited by not only tourists but also locals, there is ‘Goobne Chicken’; so let’s pay attention. Let’s look into somewhat different Goobne chicken’s signature menu if you are having hard time choosing what to eat while touring Hong Kong.

‘Honey Mellow Chicken’, which is sweet and tasteless, is considered as representative menu of Hong Kong shops. The whole grain mustard, which fills up your mouth, provides different culinary experience. It is one of the popular menu because of its distinct moist chicken texture you can find in oven roasted chicken. You can taste the umami and sweetness. Also, the ‘Chili Crisp Chicken’, which is very popular in Korea, has surprising factor with its crispy outside and soft inside. Unique Korean flavor of Cheongyang red pepper and chicken flavor makes it a unique dish that is hard to find anywhere. (photo by Honk Kong Department of Tourism, Goobne chicken official homepage)


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