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How to be confident at the summer vacation spot

2019-06-27 14:19:01
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[by Lee Hye Jeong] the June is almost heading toward the end and announcing the start of the summer. There are a lot of people who needs to prepare couple stuff before the official vacation season comes since in July and August, there is high demand of vacation to avoid steamy hot weather.

There are lots of thing to prepare for the vacation season to avoid hot weather. We are running out of time since not only we have to prepare the perfect beach look before the summer vacation where we will spend most time playing aqua activity, but also we have to prepare the trimmed body to pull off the beach look. What are the methods to keep the confidence during the summer vacation season?

In order to pull off the perfect beach look and swim ware, it is important to have the body with no excess fat. If you want to walk down the board walk with confidence, start managing the body line before it’s too late.

If you want to lose weight through constant working out, it is good to proceed a simple home workout. Since the key to the working out is persistent, do constant work out 4 times or more per week while watching simple Youtube video. Let’s not forget that we have to work out minimum 40 minutes, with the intensity of sweating to burn the fat.

In order to have the perfect body, managing diet is also as important as working out. Before the vacation season, you can get noticeable weight loss effect by combining diet control and exercise that are more intense than usual.

When you are managing your diet, it is good to avoid food that has high sugar or carbs. Diet focus on increasing the satiety while losing weight by consuming vegetables and fruits with high Vitamins, minerals. Also eat food with high protein such as tofu and egg.

There are a lot of people who consider voluminous breast as an important factor along with the perfect body line to spend hot summer. If you are concern about sagging breast or others that cannot be corrected by other methods but surgery, after trying out correction through workout, diet, underwear and others, considering surgery can be one of the method to create voluminous breast.

JK Plastic Surgery’s director Kwon Soon Hong (Plastic Surgeon) said “There are lots of people, who tried of various method to create voluminous and pretty breast, visiting the center to get treated. Particularly, if you are worried about sagging breast rather than its volume, it is could a solution to consider Breast Mastopexy.

Breast Mastopexy is a surgical procedure that helps to make a beautiful breast shape by reducing the size and lifting the chest. If the size of the chest is small and the sagging is not severe, we use enlargement. If the chest is sagging, we adjust the chest that is sagging through the sagittal incision to the proper position. If the actual degree of sagging is severe and the size of the chest is small, we choose a surgical procedure that corrects the position by performing enlargement - elevation.

Director Kwon Soon Hong advices “We have increasing number of foreign patients visiting the center to find the superior Korean plastic surgery skill follow by the K-Beauty trend. If you want to receive Breast Mastopexy in Korea, it is important to go through serious consultation with the specialist prior to any decision to find out the current status of your breast and its problem. Then we can decide which surgical method works.”

With its excellent track record in attracting foreign patients and gaining trust from them, JK Plastic Surgery Center, received 2017 Medical Korea Excellent Institution for Foreign Patients Prime Minister Award; it has Anesthesia specialist reside 24/7 with 24 hours reside nursery system and have CPR (emergency respond) team. It is doing their best to be safe plastic surgery center. Also, it has operation room that qualifies US FED Standard 209D to prepare for any safety regarding situations. (photo by: JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)


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