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Mon Aug 10

Lovely Suzy-Irene, what is their secret to their beauty?

2019-06-27 14:57:39
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Suzy and Red Velvet Irene have beautiful look that looks great in any angle we take photo from. Suzy and Irene, who shows off their want to be beauty, have detail and balanced facial structure that draw people’s attention from anywhere. We are sure that they have many secrets to their beauty without downside; however, we can’t not point out their smooth skin like a cake and rich hair texture.

Suzy and Irene, who participated at the public event, are topping their beauty every day without thick and colorful makeup. What is the secret of Suzy and Irene’s beauty who keep their lovely vibe all the time? Let’s learn how to take care beauty like Suzy and Irene, stars who draw people’s attention just with their existence.

> Clean Skin

Suzy and Irene are known as the skin goddess in entertainment world; especially, Suzy is one of the celebrity who is loved with her clear skin without any dark spot. Suzy, who said she cares about cleansing, have introduced so called ‘4.2.4. Face wash method: which is a cleansing method using cleaning foam to wash face for first two minutes then wash the face with lukewarm water.

In order to have white and delicate skin like Irene, who has skin like a china, the fundamental moisture care is a must. Especially, female celebrities who have clean skin all say that the secret to their skin care is ‘Moisture management’. The moisture management is the start and the key of skin care.

> Rich hair

People who have white and clear skin all have rich hair. Suzy, who have been maintaining her long hair, and Irene, who can pull off various hair style like no other, have soft and slosh hair.

For People, who show their different charms with frequent hair dye and perm, rich and full hairstyle is the key to emphasize their perfect beauty. Especially, their naturally shining hair texture once more upgrade their pure and cute image.

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