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Wed Jan 29

Summer night getaway travel, ‘Oh my, we have to go here’

2019-06-28 13:03:28
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[by Na Yeon Joo] Summer when you want to leave to anywhere. We can’t give up on our vacation just because we don’t have any spare time in our busy life. Look into destinations you can go without worrying about any burden due to its cheap budget and close distance. Why don’t we go for a night getaway after getting off work on the Friday during busy work life?

If it is a destination that allows you to enjoy without any major worries and have great budget during short visit, it is the perfect place to go for the night getaway. Hong Kong and Sapporo, a 3-4 hours away destinations from Korea, gives completely different vibe than Korea even though it is close to it. I would like to introduce courses you have to go during your short visit of Hong Kong and Sapporo.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 3 hours away from Korea, is an attractive destination because it has completely different vibe than Korea. It is one of great abroad destination because it is close with only1 hour time difference and requires no extra preparation. Hong Kong’s night, from crowded night market to beautiful night scenery, is the highlight of night getaway trip.

Disney Land that makes you jump into the world of innocence. Especially, this year, there are various pervade going on to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the birth of Mickey Mouse. It is a must go destination for anyone, regardless of one’s age, since there are concerts held every night to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birth with the visitors.

There are various Marvel theme attractions you can only see in Hong Kong are ready at Hong Kong Disneyland’s ‘Tomorrow Land’. Also look in to the large scale marvel attraction that created big issue in last march, ‘Ant-man and wasp: Nano Battle’.

Hong Kong have been heavily influenced by Chinese tea culture. In reality, many people in Hong Kong consume billions of milk teas every year. Because of it, famous milk tea spot is filled with not only tourist, but also with locals. Royal Milk tea, which created in 1950’s, have nutty flavor since it is made with Sri Lanka’s black tea’s various blend and condensed milk. Its unique soft and crispy texture is attractive. Since they use filter that looks like stocking, it is sometimes called as ‘stocking milk tea’.

If you are a Korean who is looking for a budget foodie place, Goobne Chicken is welcomed by everyone. Goobne Chicken, that is continuing its oven roasted chicken trend with its outstanding taste, is spreading its name in Hong Kong. Especially, Hong Kong’s best menu that you never heard of in Korea, ‘Curry Crispy Chicken’ give unique texture by adding crispness on top of original roasting chicken. You can feel the ‘hidden charm’ that is made with sweet taste and spicy taste from curry. On top of that, ‘Pepper Crisp Chicken’, a famous menu is Korea, is the best name that allow you to taste the spice from Cheongyang chili pepper   and unique flavor of roasting chicken that provides unchangeable umami.

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