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Wed Jan 29

Meeting ‘Singer’ Sulli during hot summer...Sulli is not only pretty but now clear

2019-06-28 16:12:19
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[by Ent team] Sulli is singing ‘Goblin’.

SM entertainment passed along the news on the 17th ‘Singer Sulli is releasing single album ‘Goblin’.

‘Goblin’ will be release on various music site on 29th 6pm. It includes title song ‘Goblin’, an organic pop style music with little taste of French mood, ‘Sailor Moon’, and ‘Dorothy’. It draws attention since Sulli participated in writing of all songs.
In addition, Sully will hold the ‘Sulli’s Special Stage Pitches Go! Blin’ at the SM Town Theater in SMTOWN COEX in Seoul, Korea at 6 pm on September 29th, the first day of release; She will release the title song ‘Goblin’ stage to fans for the first time.
On the other hand, ‘Sulli’s Special Stage Pitches Go! Blin’ ticket reservation will be available at 8:00 pm on July 20th at the internet booking website of Yes24. (photo by SM Entertainment)


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