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Tue Oct 22

Bong Joon Ho’s ‘parasite’ hit 9 million ... astonishing accomplishment only after 25days of its release

2019-06-28 16:29:54
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[by Ent team] ‘Parasite’ have landed on 9 million viewers.

Bong Joon Ho’s new film Parasite (Director Bong Joon Ho), which won the Golden Palm Award at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, have gone over 9 million viewers on 23rd 10am.

‘Parasite’ is a film about the unbearable encounters of the two families that started when the older son of 'Ki-taek’ family, Ki Woo’ goes into ‘Mr. Park’s house for the high paying tutoring job interview.

Follow by its release, ‘Parasite’ took the first place of box office and record is following: 5 million in 8 days, 6 million in 10 days, 7 million in 11 days, and 8 million people in 17 days. Exceeding 9 million viewers. Despite the opening of new and exciting new movies, 'Parasites' proved to be a constant interests of the viewers because it maintained 95% of CGV Golden egg index and 9.09 of Naver's ratings despite the fact that this is their third week after the release.

Meanwhile, ‘Parasite’, which was released in France on May 5, attracted 259,377 viewers and recorded the highest opening score among Korean films released in France ever. It has exceeded the opening score of “Snowpiercer” (235,771), which is the highest score among Korean movies ever released. It is also expected to be released around the world following the opening of Switzerland, Hong Kong and Vietnam, and it is expected that it will capture the hearts of overseas views as well as domestic viewers.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Parasite’ is currently playing on every theaters in Korea. (photo by CJ Entertainment)


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