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Fri Jun 05

‘SKY Castle’ Song Geon Hee, Park Jae Jeong went on the new song MV... Melomance Jeong Dong Hwan’s song

2019-07-11 17:27:59
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[by Ent team] Park Jae Jeong’s new song unveiled in self.

Mystic Story released Singer Park Jae Seong’s 2nd mini album ‘Words’ title song ‘If Only’s music video preview through its official Social Media

In the music video, there will be actor Song Geon Hee, who went on ‘SKY Castle’ as Youngjae’s role, and recently debuted actress Lee Ji Won.

On its 30s preview, Park Jae Jeong’s voice comes out with the delicate two people kissing scene, in the short  moment of singing ‘If Only’, it increased the expectation on the song from  Park Jae Jeong’s delicate emotion line.

The music video has been directed by director Song Won Young from April Shower Film, who worked with singer Naul and group Brown Eyed Soul

The title song ‘If Only’ is a Melomance Jeong Dong Hwan, who succeed ballad number with beautiful sound such as ‘Gift’ and ‘The fairy Tale’ , song. It is an emotional ballad that will continue the ballad strong hold of the music industry with Kim Eana’s heart moving lyrics and Park Jae Jeong’s unprecedented emotional voice.

On the other hand, Park Jae Jeong’s Mini 2nd album ‘Words’ is going to release on each music website on July 1st, 6pm. You can find the album on the offline stores as well (photo credit: Mystic Story)


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