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Tue Dec 10

GFRIEND Umji, “When a singer grows, the song has to grow, too”

2019-07-16 10:09:48
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[by Kim Young Jae] Girlfriend Umji have mentioned a change.

On the afternoon of July 1st, the showcase to celebrate girl group GFRIEND’s 7th mini album ‘FEVER SEASON’ release have held in Yes24 live hall located in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.

The concept of this album is “Cool and pretty”. Yerin said “In the past, we emphasized on our bright or dim side; however, we’ve put a lot of effort to look cool”.

However, ‘Cool and pretty’ is a concept that previous girl groups have tried before. Why did GFRIEND abandoned their original color and changed themselves cool and pretty? To our reporter’s question, Yuju defended them saying “We have added newness to our original color” She said that it is a natural change based on their growth. Then is this an affair or a starting point of a change? Umji said “We thought that the things we can do in our age and ‘Fever’ went great together. If we are continuously growing but our song isn’t, than the singer and song will give a vibe that they don’t go together well”. On top of that, Umji shared her ambition that she wants to strive for a new GFRIEND within the boundary of not losing so much of their original color.

Were there any worries on coming back with somewhat unfamiliar concept? Sowon shared her infinite support for the ‘Fever’ saying “I think that there is nothing makes us happier than performing with the songs that we like”. Also she gave us a cool confession that makes us expect the reborn of the ‘summer queen’ GFRIEND saying “No matter what the result or reaction, we are happy because we are performing a song we like. But we would like to win a first place”. (photo by Source Music)


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