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How to enjoy Hong Kong’s Summer with no regret?

2019-07-16 16:47:37
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[by Na Yeon Joo] There are different types of traveling just like people. The most well-known three types are on foot journey, a trip that you can dive yourself into the destinations unique sentiment while walking down the empty street; Shopping trip, a trip that you can purchase local brands that are not available in Korea or products that are cheaper than domestic market; and Mukbang trip, a trip where you can travel to find food that you can fully enjoy their culture and its scent.

Hong Kong is the perfect destination to satisfy all three types of travelers. Because the charming point of Hong Kong tour are the healing, shopping and Mukbang. If you are planning for a Hong Kong trip, you can’t miss all three of them. We would like to introduce all the best courses for you to enjoy the Hong Kong’s charm with its maximum potential within the short visiting period.

>> Take a stroll at the Old Town Central

Old Town Central is the oldest place in Hong Kong but it is known as the trendiest place. Here, you can find Hong Kong’s history and culture of 200 years. It is perfect place to enjoy walking trip because it is separated into Soho, Noho and Photo from Hollywood road as its center.

You can meet very interesting scenery from mixture of the past and the future, East and West culture through trendy stores located in old Hong Kong street. I recommend you to leave a picture in front of Hong Kong’s unique colorful mural that are throughout the corners of street while taking a stroll for two to three hours.

>> Shopping in Causeway Bay

Causeway bay, located at the northern party of the Hong Kong island, is the biggest shopping town in Asia and it has marked is name as the center of Hong Kong tourist destination. It is known as the shopping destinations even for celebrities; it has various shops such as department store, boutique, market and other types of store concentrated in the area.

For example, Time Square is a massive scale shopping that has non-stop tourists for anytime and anywhere with its stores filled with unknown and well-known brands. Moreover, Lee Garden’s One and Lee Garden’s two are the well-known boutique shopping mall that represent Hong Kong. Besides these, you can meet mid-low tier brands at SOGO department store and wtc. Since Hong Kong, Shopping heaven, always needs more time to shop even if you shop for every single day while visiting, it is good to organize a course before going on shopping by list up the shopping bucket list.

>> Mukbang at Goobne Chicken

Goobne Chicken, popular for its oven roasted chicken in Korea, is known for its popularity in Hong Kong; so popular that they is a store in every major Hong Kong tourist destination such as Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, Causeway Bay. Since it is located in all the popular destination that you have to visit at least once, there are endless visitors who are not only locals but also tourists.

The signature menu, ‘Honeymellow Chicken’, added whole grain honey mustard specialty sauce, makes your mouth runny with its subtle honey mustard scent that you feel before taking a bite. It gives very unique taste with oven roasted chicken’s juicy taste that goes with sweet sauce. ‘Honey Curry Crispy Chicken’ is an oven roasted chicken that has crispy exterior with juicy inside; it has a great texture. The sweet and sour honey curry sauce scent, which spread into your mouth when you take a bite with its shiny honey glazed like look, will not betray you.

We recommend you to pair with beer when you are trying out two menus known for its sweet and sourness. If the end of tiring journey is ‘Chicken and Beer’, wouldn’t that be the perfect end to it? (Photo by Hong Kong Tourism Board Official Webpage, Goobne Chicken)


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