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Sat Sep 18

Who are the previous American Sweethearts?

2019-07-17 14:51:27
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[by Lee Hye Jeong] Every countries have stars who have enjoyed love and popularity among their people for a long time. In the United States, they label them as an ‘American Sweetheart’ to send their love for them.

There are many names who are known as previous American Sweethearts who is beloved by the Americans but to pick out stars we can all agree on are Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Aniston. Stars who show off their unchanging healthy beauty after years with their refreshing smile. Where are the ways to keep the perfect and healthy beauty like these three people?

The commonality among three American Sweethearts are fact that they are keeping a firm body just like 20s despite of their aging. As there is a saying that ‘healthy mind comes with healthy body’, if you keep your body firm without the trace of aging, you can enjoy healthy and beautiful life.

In order to keep the firm body, for the outdoor activity, jogging is the best. Jogging is a perfect cardiovascular activity that allow you to manage your body while breathing fresh air; It is also effective in losing fat. If you feel that outdoor activity is a little too much, pay attention to Home training that allow you to enjoy workout at home with comfort. Nowadays, thanks to the internet, it is easy to look up various home training workouts that allow you to easily manage body line.

The noticeable feature from Three American Sweet Hears besides their body is their beautiful and elastic face that seems like the age have never touched them, All three actress have aged; however, it is in a state that you can really find the trait of aging; instead, their elegance have upgraded as you can feel the natural trace of their time.

If you want to take care of the aging trait like them, it is good to apply appropriate anti-aging skin care product at home constantly while giving massage you can do on daily basis. The key to the skin care is consistency. If you constantly use anti-aging product while applying them like you are massaging your face top to bottom, you can earn the wrinkle prevention effect.

If you have been executing anti-aging methods you can easily do during daily life such as working out, skin care and others but still have problem seeing a visible improvement with these prevention methods, it could be a solution to consider anti-aging procedure called ‘facelift’.

Director of Jk Plastic Surgery Center, Bae Jon Seong (Plastic Surgeon), who is known for anti-aging surgery, gives advice, “If you want to look younger than your age naturally, it is important to manage on daily life scale such as food and working out. If you want to perfectly manage deep wrinkle while improving the cause of aging effectively, anti-aging procedures such as face lift will be effective”.

Face lift is a procedure that gives great satisfaction if patient is looking for an overall facial wrinkle improvement while wanting the effective and permanent facial lifting effect. At the same time, if you proceed lower blepharoplasty surgery that makes the skin underneath the sagging eyes or lifting that eliminate neck wrinkles.

Director, Bae Jon Seong said “there are many people who are visiting our center to make their face like stars’ young looking face that they could easily see on the TV screen. For Anti-aging surgery, we have to proceed after analyzing which party of the face is the most stressful factor for an individual then having a detailed consultation with the specialists in order to complete a natural young looking style.

JK Plastic Surgery Center, located in the heart of Korea, Apgujeong, Seoul, has one-stop health status checkup of patients to prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis with its cutting edge medical video equipment and operation equipment. Also, to consider prevent emergency situation, it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7 and have CPR (emergency respond) team and emergency kit, UPS uninterruptible power supply that allows surgery during the black out, pain control, CRM, such as patient safety monitoring system to prioritize patients safety. (Photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, movie ‘Propose’, ‘Ben is Back’, ‘Bounty Hunter’, bnt News DB)


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