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Let’s leave right now, Best abroad destinations based on its theme

2019-07-24 09:59:01
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[by Na Yeon Joo] If you are planning to leave for a vacation, it is important to choose which journey you are taking. Depends on its theme, destination, travel course and duration of time could be different.

The most well-known three themes are ‘healing; escaping to vacation spot from tiring daily life, shopping, buying anything you encounter while traveling, and Mukbang, eating all day and every day. Since all three are great way to alleviate on going stress, let’s plan a journey with excitement before going on a trip.

> Healing at Da Nang

Danang is famous for its beaches and resorts. In addition, you can enjoy these high-end hotels and resorts at low prices. There are many people from Singapore, Korea, China and Macao.

It is essential to see the beautiful sea, and you can’t miss out on the world’s second longest cable car at Barna Hill National Park, enjoying spectacular forests and waterfalls. There is also a saying that if you enjoy a natural mud pack in Nui Tantai Hot Springs, your skin becomes a baby. Da Nang cathedral in the center of Da Nang city is also visited by many people who come to take commemorative photos in subtle pink color. I recommend you to stop by when you are touring the down town.

>Shopping in Guam

Guam, well known vacation spot, can be called as the shopping heaven. Because the whole island is tax-exempt area; so you can enjoy shopping at a lower price than other overseas destinations because the consumption tax is not attached. There is a shopping center with a variety of luxury brand stores, including local brands. You may run out of your time just from shopping while your visit.

The most well-known shopping center in Guam is GPO (Guam premium outlet) and ROSS. It is considered tourists must visit place because you will see famous brands with cheaper prices. I recommend boutique shopping at T Galleria, The Plaza and Tumon Sands Plaza. At Chamorro Night Market, held every Wednesday at night, you can purchase traditional food and souvenirs that will make you feel the traditional culture of Guam.

> Mukbang in Hong Kong

When you go to Hong Kong, you will worry about which authentic Hong Kong food you should eat first Since you have to eat constantly during Mukbang trip, it is a good way to eat light food such as dim sum, noodles, congee, dim sum, and snack from street vendor before eating the heavy dinner.

At night, I recommend you to have a hearty meal in a local Goobne chicken, a hot spot visited by both local and tourists. Unlike traditional chickens, the oven roasted chicken, which is not fried with oil, has gain a lot of popularity because of its unique taste. In Hong Kong, ‘Honeymellow chicken’ and ‘Honey Curry Crisp Chicken’ are the best seller menu. Restaurants are located in ‘Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, Causeway Bay, Tsuen Wan, Tseung Kwan O; you can visit anytime during your trip without any burden. Why don’t we finish up Mukbang trip with hearty chicken and beer? (Photo by Da Nang Tourism Department, Guam Government Tourism Department, Hong Kong Department of Tourism Official Web Page)


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